How open spaces and greenery can contribute to a healthy lifestyle?

Modern housing projects are placing a lot of emphasis on providing open spaces and other amenities because of the shrinking number of outdoor spaces in urban areas. Nowadays, wide-open and verdant green spaces are important considerations for home buyers. Why is that?

Let’s hear from Sulagna Mehta, an interior designer and proud owner of a 3 BHK apartment in EM Bypass South Kolkata. According to her, “The shrinking greenery and wide-open spaces in the city are already becoming increasingly problematic. We rarely have access to any green space in the city where we can take a breath of fresh air. A thick fog of smoke continuously engulfs the area because pollution is getting worse at such a rapid rate. This has led to an increase in health risks”. Like her, homebuyers who prioritize “healthy living” consider the presence of open space while purchasing a home.

With features like landscaped gardens and three sides open spaces, luxury real estate projects provide a greater standard of living.

Influence of green space in our lives

In addition to providing opportunities for physical activity and social interaction, open spaces promotes good health. Furthermore, it decreases stress and depression.

Here are some benefits of having open spaces around your abode:

There is space for recreation

Open green space within the premises provides a safe play area where your children can play, learn and grow in a natural surrounding. An elderly member of the family can relax by taking a walk in the open spaces. The apartments in E M Bypass South Kolkata come with amenities such as an outdoor children’s play area, a pond along with Water edge plantation and coconut palm avenue etc.

A healthy lifestyle

Today, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical due to the frantic pace and polluted environment. Garden areas, playgrounds, jogging and cycling tracks, seating square, adda park and other open spaces are available here where you can breathe in the fresh air and meditate under the sky. It will enable you to relax while maintaining an active lifestyle.

Engaging in social interactions

Villas with open spaces can foster social interaction. Converse with like-minded people in the adda zone or relax by the poolside. There is nothing better than a barbecue night with family or stargazing with friends—let your mind wander away as you relax at home.

As the villas are inspired by nature, you will find the elegance of modern architecture infused with the lush greenery of the landscape. The appropriate balance between standard living and lush greenery will astound you. Having greenery around you can make you feel optimistic and happy, as it creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere. A lush green environment will make your house feel so much more serene.

What are the benefits of having greenery around?

  • The presence of greenery improves air quality. By planting trees in your building, you will be able to absorb harmful emissions and purify the air you breathe.
  • The walking and jogging tracks around green spaces encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Aside from being the blue planet, the earth is also a planet filled with greenery. Now, most of the land has been converted into concrete jungles. Therefore, greenery encourages us to appreciate the beauty of nature and to protect, conserve, and preserve it.

Most metropolises lack open green space, but smart real estate developers prioritize providing it.

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