How Much Does Funeral Cost In Singapore?

Funeral and cremation fees are added to the costs of organising the funeral ceremony itself. Cremation costs twice as much as a funeral packages, and various fees are paid to the undertaker. When the memorial service takes place at a site of the ceremony, the average cost of cremation is between $1,000 and $3,000.

The cost of cremation is usually lower than with a funeral. Funeral flowers cost the most, with some people spending between $100 and $200 on funeral flowers. Pre-paid funeral homes are also a popular option, as these funeral homes conclude contracts with amenities to cover your funeral.

Funeral service providers usually include a fixed amount in the package and the cost is calculated on a shipment basis, with you paying for the amount used. Services such as transporting the body from place to place and professional service fees are typically about $500. These services will easily cost you out of pocket.

If a coffin is included in the funeral package, you can make an alternative choice to adjust the total cost of the funeral. Non-traditional funerals, which take a secular approach, offer lower costs and can be a worthwhile alternative if your family is not religious.

In summary, burial and cremation in Singapore play an important role in determining funeral costs. According to our study, funeral services in Singapore can be both inexpensive and costly. For this reason, you should plan the funeral of a deceased relative carefully and understand the funeral costs.

Most people underestimate how expensive funerals and cremations can be. In Singapore, funerals range from affordable costs of a few hundred dollars to expensive costs of a few thousand dollars. In 2018, it was reported that funerals cost a whopping $7,000 to $10,000 on average.

A simple one-day funeral starts at about $1,300, but most of Singapore’s bereaved choose longer affairs. A three-day funeral package costs about $4,000, while a five-day funeral package can double up to $8,000.

Here is a snapshot of the typical package prices for void funerals between 2 and 7 days. Our price of $4,588 is based on the number of days the funeral will be held.

Costs for optional services such as transportation of remains, embalming and other preparations in Singapore, use of an undertaker, sightseeing ceremonies, funerals, deployment of equipment and personnel, burial services, use of a hearse or limousine, coffins, outer burial containers, alternative burial rooms, cremation and burial in Singapore. Undertakers in Singapore can charge you for items they buy on your behalf. However, these fees are only levied if they are not part of the city-state funeral costs.

The choice of a funeral director has a direct impact on funeral costs in Singapore. Hiring the ideal funeral director is necessary to reduce unnecessary funeral costs here in the city-state.

If you want to plan your funeral, it is advisable to put the matter in the hands of an undertaker or take out your own life insurance. Undertakers can be expensive, but remember that they can spare your family and loved ones the trouble of organising a funeral while they mourn the loss. The cost of a wake-up call at home is cheaper than in a funeral home, but more expensive if you include the rent for the premises.

Life insurance can be used to cover funeral costs, so learn all about how life insurance works. If you find that your loved ones “life insurance covers the costs of the funeral, paying it out in the event of additional death benefits can ensure a smooth process and reduce financial burdens.

Understanding the estimated funeral cost can help you and your loved ones prepare for that final goodbye. There are several ways to control funeral costs in Singapore and save relatives the financial burden. We’ve listed the most expensive ways to save for a funeral by when you can start saving for it.

It is also important to have good travel insurance to cover repatriation costs in the event of death. Frequently referred to as funeral insurance, terminal care insurance is popular with seniors because it focuses on protecting the bereaved from the financial burden of their death (read more about how loved ones die here). Funeral Advantage returns insurance benefits to families if they need to do so within 24 hours of the claim being granted, and can help with funeral expenses.

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