How Modern Office Designs are Encouraging Employee Engagement

In a highly competitive market, where employees work hard to survive, employers too are concerned about retaining the top talents so that they can stay a step ahead of the competition. Passionate employees want a workplace where they can exhibit loyalty and take pride in an environment that brings out the best in them. Businesses now recognize that a good office design is one of the tools of the trade that supports wellbeing and productivity. A few unusual or creative design upgrades can make the work environment interesting and engaging.

So, why are workplace design trends are evolving and businesses thinking of embracing them? Companies want to attract and retain young talent. Now, Millennials demand something beyond salary or financial compensation. They want a workplace that stimulates creativity, collaboration, and communication while providing for reduced stress and anxiety. Professional office designers are incorporating design trends analyzing the psychology of human behaviour. Some luxury office spaces in New Town are moving away from the purely aesthetic to blending the beautiful and functional in new and exciting ways.

Read on to learn some of the modern workplace trends that inspire better employee engagement.

  1. Future friendly design:

Workplaces are all about people.To create a happy workforce, it is important to understand the people and their needs. Modular, adaptable workspaces offer flexibility which is a rising trend in modern office designs. Employers are promoting the concept of a workplace that provides the comfort of home with comfortable seating arrangements and hangout zones. The home-like atmosphere is less intimidating and less formal than a traditional office setup and encourages productivity, collaboration, and open dialogue. There are office spaces for sale near Sector 5 that are also optimizing energy efficiency and embracing the concept of green building to keep pace with the future friendly business approach.

  1. Incorporating social space:

Businesses now want to promote interaction among employees. A social space is a great addition where people can relax and socialize. Place stairs, lounges, and restrooms away from work desks to encourage movement that cuts stress and boosts productivity. Millennials seek a workplace that will support their lifestyle. A good social space can include common areas and appealing food offerings, workout rooms, outdoor break areas, and recreational options that encourage healthy work-life balance as well as employee health in general.

  1. Activity-based working:

Activity-Based Working is a new trend, especially suitable for an open office plan. A variety of functional spaces offer a mix of private, semi-private, and open workspaces that define spaces for different work styles and tasks. There are isolated quiet areas for concentrating without distraction, lounges for relaxed and impromptu collaboration, meeting areas for formal discussions and café areas for casually casual brainstorming sessions or having a meal  or snacks.

  1. Providing privacy areas:

Shared office spaces provide private desks and open spaces so that employees can move freely about and enjoy privacy when required. Modern office designs include small, enclosed areas for making confidential or private phone calls or to hold discreet meetings. Creating a space where employees can escape from their desk, will make them feel more independent and help them to collaborate more creatively. There should be some space on the work desk for the employees to place personal items or display photos of loved ones  which will make them feel genuinely happy.

  1. Bringing nature to work:

Biophilic designs are reshaping the modern workspace designs as business owners are prioritizing both  sustainability, health and wellbeing of their staff. Human beings have a natural craving for connecting with nature. A visual connection with plants and blooms inside or outside the workplace can alleviate stress and result in better health, concentration, creativity, and work performance. Installing bigger and wider windows, placing paintings and pictures of nature, using high glass ceilings in common areas for allowing natural sunshine, having flowing waterways, various colourful blooms or keeping indoor plants are a few ways to bring nature into work.

  1. Investing in technology:

One of the best ways to attract Millennials  is by investing in digital-based business processes and technology. In a technology-driven era, companies are seeking easier content sharing solutions, advanced conferencing platforms, online professional development tools and so on to transform operations and help businesses thrive. By automating business operations, tech-savvy employees can get down to business quickly and employers will have more time to focus on their business.