How Important Are Hydroponics Nutrients

Recently, hydroponics nutrients have gained importance as the best alternative to the agricultural system’s traditional methods. Hydroponics is a process that focuses on using water instead of soil for plant growth.

Growers use alternative options like coconut fiber, stone wool, and cocoa to grow them for certain plants. Once the seedlings are old enough, they are then transferred to specific containers. These containers contain water that has essential nutrients in it. Hydroponics is the best solution for those plants that need a different type of soil to grow. The water that contains nutrients are the main source for the plants to absorb. Further, in this type of process, the plant requires more nutrients than the traditional methods. It is because they are not connected to the soil in any way.

Two Types of Nutrients Used in Hydroponics

In hydroponics for plant growth, there are two types of nutrients: organic nutrients and plant boosters.

Organic nutrients: 

Organic nutrients are compulsory in hydroponics. It consists of nutrients that contain components especially used in organic gardening. However, they should not contain such substances that can create deposits. It is difficult for the plants to absorb heavy particles, and this can lead to causing the clog in the hydroponic system in which the plant needs to grow.

Plant Boosters: 

Plant boosters are the recent development that helps the plants absorb the nutrients properly infused in the water. This boosts the growth of the plants. You can easily find a variety of hydroponic nutrients available within the market that assists in speeding up the growing process of the plants. Further, you need to keep in mind that such boosters should not be used until or unless you have a sufficient size garden. Also, it is necessary that these high-end plant nutrients should be used under the expert’s guidance.

Where to Buy Nutrients From, For Your Hydroponic Gardens?

These hydroponics kits are provided by the online stores as well as available in the stores. You need to purchase it from those retailers who possess experience and provide proper guidance in how to use them. The right application of such nutrients is necessary for the plants to absorb the nutrients properly.

An important rule of thumb is that you need to stick with it once you have chosen a specific type of plant nutrient. If you keep on changing the types and brands, it is harmful to the plants. If you have to use it for indoor hydroponic vegetables, then these nutrients need to be applied in a systematic way. In case it is applied in a wrong way, then the absorption and growth of the plants won’t occur.

What is the right mix of nutrients?

When you are shopping for the nutrients, you first need to gain knowledge about the right combinations. All of these hydroponic plants need a proper mixture of micro and macronutrients. The macronutrients form an important basis of the plant’s nutrients. It should be added throughout the year. On the other hand, micronutrients are known as trace elements. They are to be added in minimal quantities. The macronutrients are:

1. Oxygen

2. Nitrogen

3. Magnesium

4. Phosphorous

5. Potassium

6. Hydrogen

7. Sulphur

8. Calcium

The micronutrients consist of:

1. Iron

2. Cobalt

3. Molybdenum

4. Nickel

5. Manganese

6. Chlorine

7. Silicon

8. Sodium

9. Zinc

pH Factors And Plant Nutrients

Does the right pH level hold importance in the growth of the plants? The answer is yes! So how to measure the level? It is by using a pH meter and monitor it on a daily basis.

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