How Fitness Technology is Improving Wellness

After the pandemic, more and more people are curious to know about their health, and technology is solving the purpose of tracking their health every second. Fitness technology has come a long way, and now it is available in many forms, including fitness apps and wearable devices.

These devices are able to track your overall health from palpitation to calories burnt, and makers are trying to make them more advanced to offer you the convenience that is absolutely incomparable.

Traditionally, fitness was limited to gym centres where you would go to lift dumbbells, do sit-ups and run on the treadmill to burn calories and strengthen your core muscles. Still, now technology has dramatically changed the shape of the fitness industry.

Now you can bring a gym to your home, get live classes, record training sessions, and much more. The influence of technology in the fitness sector is inevitable. It will keep continuing to rise. Here are the types of fitness technology that people are using:

Home gym

Now you can have all the gym-like facilities at your home. You can find loads of gym equipment that you can use in the comfort of your home. You can get interactive classes from gym professionals. You can take life lessons and record them so you can replay those sessions whenever you want.


Jaxjox is the best example that offers you countless different workout sessions. You will get live classes as well as 100 on-demand workouts based on your schedule and fitness goals.

  • You can get access to a personalised fitness studio at home.
  • You will get all types of exercises, including cardio, strength training and recovery.
  • It will let you track real-time workout sessions to see your progress.
  • You will get the best class because Jaxjox has a team of expert coaches. They will fill you with real-time motivation to keep you going.
  • The workout studio will not cost you a lot of money. You do not need to pay the upfront cost. – just $65 per month for 39 months with 0% APR. If you still do not have money, you can consider taking out quick loans in Ireland.

Peloton bike and treadmill

You can also bring in strength training equipment from treadmills to rowers. Peloton Bike and Peloton Treadmill will motivate you to buckle up to reach your fitness goals.

You can get access to a lot of workouts based on your goals and mood. You can avail of free classes for 30 days, and you do not need equipment.

This app will keep you motivated to make progress, and consequently, you will reach closer to your fitness goals. Using advanced equipment in the comfort of your home can reach out to your goals as per your own pace.

Fitness apps

The use of fitness apps has recently been up. After the pandemic, fitness app downloads grew by almost 50%. You can pick many fitness apps out there based on your fitness goals.


MyFitnessPal will help you choose a healthy diet. A healthy diet is a must to maintain your health. The app works based on the principle that no exercise can contribute to your health if your food choice is unhealthy. Now you do not need to be disconcerted about the choice of food to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • You can search for millions of healthy foods in its database, track calories, and manage your goals.
  • The app will help track your eating habits so you can easily achieve your fitness goals.
  • You can find millions of recipes and save them.
  • A community will share tips and advice round the clock.
  • People share their victory stories to inspire others. When you feel overwhelmed, these stories will keep you going.

Daily Workout Apps

 Likewise, Daily Workouts Apps can help you achieve your goals.

  • These workout apps will let you access a variety of workout sessions with HD quality videos.
  • You can also get access to on-demand workout sessions, whether it is strength training or cardio exercise.
  • There are several other fitness apps like Zones for Training that offers different types of workouts, including running, walking, treadmill, strength training etc.
  • These apps are great whether you want to work out at home or at the gym.

Wellness apps

You may think that wellness apps are the same as fitness apps, but they are slightly different. Wellness apps help improve your mental health. The use of wellness apps increased during the pandemic when people found a way to deal with their anxiety and stress.


Headspace is the best app to heal your mind from anxiety and stress. You will learn the right breathing technique. It will relieve your mind from stressful thoughts.

  • Headspace app can help you find more joy by controlling your stress, and then it will help you sleep better.
  • You can get a free trial for a month, and then you will be put on a monthly subscription plan, which is $12.99.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is another wellness app that can rest the whole night correctly, so you get up with a fresh mind and mood the next morning.

  • Stress hinders sleep cycle and patterns. With this app, you can track your sleep cycle and take practical steps to improve it.
  • Sleep apnoea can affect your work performance, but you can avoid it using the Sleep Cycle.
  • It listens to your sounds and analyse them with the help of AI, and presents the results so you can understand your sleeping patterns.
  • The app will also let you know what habits you should embrace to improve it.

Wearable devices

Wearable devices have become very popular as they can let you know your palpitation, blood pressure, calories burnt, sleeping hours, etc. Now you can track all information about your health from fitness trackers.

Fitness trackers have sensors that can collect data about your heartbeat, calories burnt, and the like and give you a real-time report about your health. With the help of these trackers, you can quickly achieve your fitness goal.

For instance, you can continue to go to the gym to lose calories unless you reach the desired level, as the tracker will let you know per-minute calories burnt data. You will get instant feedback and suggestions to improve your health. Wearable devices can let you track your health in real-time, so you do not miss making progress.

The bottom line

Technology has drastically improved the fitness world. Traditionally people were just dependent on walking, jogging and weight lifting to improve their health, but now you can get live sessions from the world’s top-notch coaches to do cardio exercise and strength training.

You can also track real-time progress each minute in your health with the help of fitness trackers and wearable devices. You can quickly achieve your goals because you will know the impact of your workout on your health.

As equipment and devices use machine learning algorithms, they can be expensive. If you cannot pay for them outright, you can think of applying for bad credit loans in Ireland. Since the debt involves payments in a fixed amount, you can easily manage it.

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