How Do You Personalise Marketing for Your Brand?

Marketing is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business because without marketing no one would be able to know about your products or offers your company has to offer. Sometimes the companies are offering some very efficient products with excellent offers but they are not able to increase sales with their existing staff and marketing that is when the marketing strategy kicks in. Typically, those companies have advertised their ads but the marketing is not bringing desired sales customers to their organization.

One of the biggest challenges that the marketers have to face is the marketing of their products to the people who are likely later on to become their customers. In marketing industry all their work is depending upon the strategies which will able them to attract more customers and to be more precise in marketing it is all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. As marketers we also make sure that we are selling our products to a variety of people at the best price possible.

In todays world marketers cannot increase their business strategy through broad and impersonal messages for their customers therefore end up losing one of their best customers. As we all know that in marketing and advertising almost all our business is completely dependent on the customers that what kind of customers are being attracted to our brand policy and what are their needs or demands regarding our company’s policy.

For instance if we have a broader look when we are receiving our mail there are multiple advertising agency letters and magazines suddenly you will notice  letter from the marketing company addressing your name on the very front of the letter , if we think we all know that which letter we would be reading and which we would be only throwing in the trash.

Nowadays all the customers require attention, satisfaction and proper care in order to provide best services along with fulfilling their needs and requirements. In todays times the customers are not only satisfied by the impersonal messages there is a desperate need of updating our marketing policy for our relevant customers in order to keep them motivated. According to a recent survey it is said that personalisation will be the most important marketing capability in the coming future.

Here are some personalisation tips according to Microsoft CRM Software which will help in keeping the customers enacted and motivated.

Use the customer’s name:

Whenever your name is specially called out you have to take a look that is kind of an instinct which a normal human being can’t resist of similarly in the case of marketing policy when you address all the customers with their own names they feel attached to your company that the company is focusing them and valuing their partnership with the organization, this kind of behavior always motivates the customer to strengthen their relationship with the organization. It is also proven that 26 percent of those letters which are addressed by the name of any customer are likely to be opened more than the regular email or letters which are only addressed as “dear valued customer”. Whenever the customer will see his/her name on the mail or any document they will be curious to find out what kind of information is present inside the document so they are mostly bound to open their mail.

Personalise your site pop ups:

Displaying personalised pop ups can also be a very effective way of attracting more customers because if they will find what they are looking for on your website it will definitely interest them in availing any offer or buying any product from your company as their newly purchase. Online pop ups play a very important role in attracting customers because if the pop ups are irrelevant and annoying it would probably drive your customer away and he/she would not prefer buying any product from your website. Your website and especially the pop ups should be highly personalised and according to the searches of the user. For example, if you’re working on the marketing strategy of Instagram and Pinterest you may attract a lot of customers. At the same time if the customer is searching for Pinterest files and the website is showing a pop up any Instagram e-book that would probably irritate the customer the pop ups should be in reference to the searches of the user like downloading a Pinterest PDF file instead.

Segment your email list:

Segmenting your email list may also help in bringing close attention of your customers towards your company, because segmenting email and sending more specified emails to some specified users always helps in gaining the attention of the customers. When you are sending irrelevant email to your customers your customers may get bored and don’t respond to you at all for example if you are a clothing retailer you will send a male subscriber the list of new fashion styles of women that will only drive your customer away. So, by doing complete research on the demographics of the customer we should send particular emails to our customers by addressing them properly.

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