How Competent DME Billing Ensures Commercial Advantage?

DME billing is the system by which a client receives treatment at a hospital. The medical biller produces the bill based on the inputs provided by the medical coder and presents it to the insurance company to claim the patient’s expenses. Outsourcing allows you to stay ahead of the DME billing requirements for 2020 and 2021. It provides much-needed clarity in defining your ROI goals in the best way feasible. At the end of the day, all you need is someone to assist you with all pre and post revenue cycle management efforts consistently.

Uncertain times

In this uncertain environment, you must make the most of your present resources and establish effective ways for increasing your revenue cycle as a DME supplier. The DME billing business will be propelled forward by the demand for breathing devices. You must choose a trusted partner who can provide you with actionable assistance for a better RCM experience.

What are the sectors in which you require immediate attention?

  • Verification of eligibility: Locating the written prescription and determining the patient’s eligibility to receive a specific treatment.
  • Prior Authorization: Filing the documentation proving the medical necessity and having them approved before the item is delivered to the patient. If the item is delivered before an authorization is received, the DME supplier will be denied payment for the service.
  • Follow-up with the doctor’s office: Getting all of the documents from the doctor’s office on time, what details the therapist revealed, whether there are any missing links with information, and getting everything in place so that the delivery can take place.

The most difficult thing for you as a provider today is to find a solution to your problems through your daily practice management activities. Reducing your operational costs will be a major issue ahead if you want to make a mark in the competitive landscape. It will always be crucial to know how to settle your DSOs, improve your inventory presence, and obtain your money from insurance on time.

Reasons to hire a top DME Billing Company

A top DME billing company will handle all of the activities such as

  • Document management
  • Patient calling
  • After-sales support
  • Collecting the physician paperwork
  • Establishing the sales order
  • Entering patient details

And so on. Until the delivery is arranged, you will have full-time resources working on it. Someone who has the unique capacity to handle all of your pre billing work as well as the regular post billing activity works such as

  • Rejection management
  • A/R collections
  • Payment posting works

This will provide a distinct level of flexibility in your day-to-day operation. It also provides the greatest path for reducing operational costs, eliminating difficulties with a shortage of competent employees, and increasing ROI in the best way feasible. In the end, what you want is a team of DME billers and coders who will work on your accounts consistently and following the law.

Sunknowledge: the ace Factor

We optimize your ROI targets as a dependable operational extension for as little as $7 per hour. In addition, as your dependable third-party DME billing partner, we ensure that all actions are guaranteed. We drive your pre billing activities like no one else in the RCM industry, starting with order intake, eligibility checks and authorization, and doctor’s office follow up.

Our expertise in billing not only saves an average of 80% on operating costs through constant follow-up and smooth communication, but they also maintain a 99.9% accuracy rate in billing, coding, and collection.

Finally, all you need is someone to work as your DME billing partner and deliver everything on schedule, allowing you to focus on your patient care. We work with billion-dollar clients, and we do so with conviction. Take advantage of the Sunknowledge opportunity to close any practice management gaps once and for all.

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