How can you turn your luxury abode into a Zen haven?

Zen Buddhism is an artistic ideology that dates back thousands of years. The meanings of the terms ‘Wabi’ and ‘Sabi’ have changed with time. Wabi is a Japanese word that originally meant “to live alone and in nature,” but has come to mean “natural simplicity and silence.” Sabi, which used to mean lean, cool, or shriveled, now refers to the elegance and tranquilly of objects. It has evolved into a physical representation of flawed, natural beauty as it has aged.

This simple home decor trend rooted in mindful awareness or paying closer attention to what’s happening around you is embraced by modern homebuyers. It is worth the effort to make some improvements if your residence is linked to your well-being. We’ve broken down the principles that will deliver Zen and elegance to your luxury residences. In recent times, gated community villas in South Kolkata are gaining popularity as they are conducive to promoting a Zen lifestyle.

  • Choose earthy tones

Natural hues in gentle tones, such as white, grey, hues of beige, or pink beige, are used in Zen-inspired designs to generate a sensation of relaxation and peace. Visual consistency between murals, furnishings, and flooring, as well as the harmonic equilibrium between the various elements, are particularly crucial. You can still choose to combine a dominant colour with similar objects and textured materials to lend contour to a monochromatic room, such as white with moleskin or beige with rosewood. Experiment with the different shades of your favourite colour or combine the two-colour combinations to create variety.

  • Natural and soft light

Bring in natural light by using soothing and nature-inspired elements, such as candles. To maximize the quantity of light coming in, avoid using curtains and tear down any walls that block windows. White lights are essential for a minimalist look in luxury homes. Everything else in the space should soothe the soul and the eye. Zen designs are both basic and attractive.

  • Organize your residence

The goal is to let rid of ties that bind you. Going Zen is all about being tidy, clear and well-organized. Get rid of items you don’t want. Cleaning up a cluttered area gives the impression of more space and cleanliness. It’s similar to mental and physical cleansing. Tidying up your space regularly might help you begin each day with a sense of serenity.

  • Use light and natural fabrics

The very same rule applies to fabrics: organic, lightweight, and comfy. The curtains, which offer a level of intimacy while minimizing disturbance and eliminating airflow, are an important part of your Zen décor. Choose naturalistic fabrics such as linens, merino, or bunting wool and coordinate them to the rest of the space to give them a distinctive treatment. Pay a lot of attention to the drape hanging systems, as it would be a shame to hang lovely curtains on shoddy or mismatched rods.

  • Storage spaces and furniture

It’s difficult to dispose of all the rubbish, but it’s even more difficult to sustain a Zen style when there’s so much junk around. Natural-material furniture of excellent quality is a fantastic choice since it provides a sense of warmth and relaxation. The key to making your luxury home look attractive, organized, and neat is to use elegant storage and furnishings.

A Zen design embraces simplicity and a minimalist appearance. This embodies a feeling of calm and peace inside your home. There is something elegant about its design. A reputed developer in Kolkata is offering luxury bungalows near Sonarpur with all the ingredients of health and well being that can easily be transformed into a Zen retreat.


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