How Can you Reduce Mistakes in your Urgent Care Billing

Having an efficient urgent care billing operation is a dream of every healthcare provider. And this is only possible if careful attention is given to the front-end management; as an urgent care billing encounter with many common mistakes especially in their front-end management. Staring for entering incorrect patient information to incorrect demographic etc, improper management in the front end services further results in claims delays and probably postponed reimbursements. Furthermore, other problems in urgent care billing can also be:

Wrong payer contract – without the right payer contract your whole reimbursement process may be completely wrong.

Incorrect coding process – using incorrect coding is when the practice loses out a significant amount of money.

Claims delays – in fact, delay in the claims submission is also one of the obstacles in the urgent care billing process.


Starting with the contract with the right payers will make your urgent care billing process much easy and seamless. In fact, managing your urgent care billing operation through outsourcing is a far better option. As it only helps you with documentation correctly but further helps you in the long run and faster collection.

Sunknowledge Services Inc is in fact one such RCM outsourcing option that has helped many leading names in the industry achieving a seamless billing process in no time.

Understanding the present industry mandates and keeping track of the current urgent care regulation, Sunknowledge Services solution have set a record in the highest productivity metrics. Taking care of all your documentation, and collection challenges, it’s the Sunknowledge’s expertise that ensures timely claims submission, 99.9% accuracy rate and an efficient front and back end billing management services.

In fact, paying attention to every detail, Sunknowlege Services Inc is working in the industry for the past 15 + years now with a pool of professional billers and certified coders. So if you are facing trouble with your urgent care billing and coding, Sunknowledge is the tool to solve all your problems and billing needs.

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