How Can You Learn about Islam Through the Quran Classes Online?

There are many different religions in the world we live in today. Over one billion people worldwide are followers of the religion Islam. Muslims follow the religion of Islam. The central figure in Islam is Muhammad(ﷺ) and all the teachings of Islam are based on him. He shows what it means to be a Muslim and symbolizes to Muslims the perfect man. The book of Allah, the Quran is written in Arabic. Regardless of their national language, all Muslims must recite the Quran in Arabic. But before reciting this book you need to learn it properly. Many Muslims join the Quran classes online to learn it from experts.

What is Quran?

Originally revealed to Muhammad(ﷺ) over a period of twenty-two years, this holy book has one hundred and fourteen chapters of six thousand verses. Surahs are the chapters that are arranged according to length. In online Quran classes, you may learn how to recite all these surahs with the help of qualified Qari.

It highlights service to God. The Quran visualizes a society based on the unity and equality of believers. This holy book is the central religious text used by most Muslims to guide their prayer rituals, worship services, and family traditions. That’s why nowadays more and more Muslims are learning from the best online Quran classes.

A guide for worship services:

The Quran is a guide for Muslims to do their worship services. Muslims follow the Five Pillars of Islam to Worship Allah. Shahada is the first pillar as a daily confession of the faith which says “There is no god but God (Allah) and Muhammad(ﷺ) is the messenger of God”. This declaration confirms to Muslims that there is only one God and to idolize others is an unforgivable sin. The Quran lessons online can teach Muslims the meaning and importance of shahada. Salat is the second pillar as a daily ritual prayer. They are performed five times a day.

Learning Quran for prayers:

For Muslims, prayer is very important in their way of life and they use the Quran for many of their prayers. Salat is a prayer ritual that they perform five times each day. These prayers are at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening. The prayers are in Arabic and are recitations of the Quran. Online Quran classes for kids help them to learn these prayers as the Ayat are from the Quran.

There are Muslims praying all the time because of the time differences since they live all over the world. Muslims always offer prayer in the direction of the Kaaba shrine in Mecca as the House of God. Unless you learn recitation from online Tajweed classes, you won’t understand what you are reciting. As all the Ayat recited in Salah are from the Quran, you must learn all of them by heart and should understand them as well. Thus, online Quran school can help you to understand and learn those Ayat.

Additional prayers can also be performed. The witr prayer is performed at night. It is a private prayer based on the recitation of the Quran. A Muslim can learn all these recitations with the help of the Quran online classes.

Learn the importance of Zakat through the Quran:

Zakat is the third pillar as paying the alms tax. It is required by Muslims to pay an annual contribution of two and a half percent of their individual wealth and assets. Which is used to help the poor, orphans, and widows. Zakat is an act of worship, or thanksgiving to God, and of service to the community. When you join the Quran courses online, you will be able to understand the value of Zakat in the eye of the Quran.

Learn the importance of fasting through the Quran:

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is the fourth pillar and is called sawn. On the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, it is done once a year.

Healthy Muslims must abstain from dawn to sunset from food, drink, and sexual activity during this month. Families eat before sunrise to sustain themselves until sunset. Fasting lasts for twenty-nine or thirty days. This month is a time of spiritual discipline and of expressing gratitude towards God. Muslims recite the whole Quran during these days of fasting in the special prayer. It will be easy for them, if they learn from an online hifz program, to recite the whole Quran.

Learning the importance of Hajj through Quran:

Hajj is the fifth pillar as a pilgrimage to Mecca. Muslims must make the sacrifice to make this pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. To go for Hajj Muslims must pay for themselves without burrowing the money and be able to afford it. You may only understand its importance for a Muslim when you learn about it through an online Quran study.

About two million Muslims go every year. For those performing Hajj, men must wear two seamless white sheets and the women must cover their whole body except for their hands and face. These clothes show purity as well as the unity and equality of all believers. Muslims arrive in Mecca and go to the Kaaba where they move counterclockwise around the Kabba seven times symbolizing their entry before God. With the help of the best online Quran academy, you will learn the special prayers and duas offered during Hajj.

The Feast of Sacrifice, the Eid al-Adha lasts four days and symbolizes the annual completion of the pilgrimage to Mecca. On this occasion, they sacrifice animals and most of the meat is given to the poor. The Quran has explained the whole incident after that Allah made it a compulsion for all Muslims. We can only understand what Quran has said about it if only we learn from an online Quran course.

Importance of Jummah prayers in the Quran:

Passages of the Quran are recited on that day. A great congregational prayer is done on Fridays, in the afternoon called jummah. The men and women worship in separate groups. Khutba is the sermon that combines religious advice on social and political issues based on the Quran’s teachings. The Quran is used as a guide to worship Allah by Muslims. Worshipping Allah has many effects on their actions. It is important for every Muslim to recite the Quran in a proper way as its right. We can only do so if we learn from Tajweed Quran online.

Muslims also have obligations they must follow such as obedience to Allah, kindness, consideration, and chastity. We learn about all these obligations from the Quran. Thus the only way to recite and understand it properly is through an online Tajweed course.

The Quran guidance for all mankind:

The Quran is used as a guidance for Muslim family traditions. Marriage is the basis of a family for them. According to Islam, a marriage contract or marriage proposal must be mutually agreed upon by the bride and the groom.

As the Quran says, Islam is not only a religion but an all-embracing way of life. This Holy Book is the sacred text that is most widely read in the world today. That’s why it is better to learn and understand it through the Quran classes online.

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