How can you keep your food and fruits fresh all day long?

Do you feel that your food or fruits have some plastic odor when you open your lunchbox in office? Are you carrying plastic-made lunchbox to your office? Have you been looking out ways to keep your food and fruits fresh throughout the day? Well, if the answer to all these questions is YES then you need to consider swapping your plastic food storage container with a glass lunch box now.

When you start using glass-made food storage containers, believe it or not, you won’t ever face the problem of plastic odor, leakage, and even leaching out of the chemicals that usually happens with plastic-made containers.

Whether you plan to give packed lunch to your kids for summer camp, store food for road trips while travelling with your friends and family members or go out for exciting excursions like zoo trips, basketball games and picnics, you don’t need to worry at all when you are packing your food in a glass food container.

fruits in lunchbox

You must be aware of how plastic-made products are considered to be dangerous for the environment as it can’t be completely recycled. Plastic food storage containers might appear to be very attractive and easy but in the long run, they are not good from a health perspective. These leach out chemicals and don’t let the food stay fresh throughout the day.

Here are some of the reasons how a glass lunch box are considered to be the best for storing food and fruits:

Glass container doesn’t leach out chemicals

Since the glass food containers are made from premium-quality borosilicate glass so it doesn’t leach out any type of chemical into the food or fruits you store in it.

Airtight feature:

Most of the glass-made food storage containers come with an airtight lid. This is the reason why the food or fruits your store doesn’t come in contact with air and reacts. Besides, it is because of this unique feature of the glass containers that keeps the food fresh for a longer duration.

Microwave safe

Glass food storage containers are mostly microwave safe, which means you can reheat your food in the office and eat without transferring it to another container.

Dishwasher safe

Another benefit of using glass lunch box is that don’t need to spend hours to take out food stain from it. As they are dishwasher safe, just pop them in your dishwasher and enjoy your time relaxing while watching your favorite daily program on TV.

Freezer safe

With plastic containers, it is not possible for you to freeze any type of food item as there are possibilities it might deteriorate and start leaching out chemicals.  All plastic food containers are not freezer safe. On the flip side, most of the glass food storage containers are freezer-safe.


Glass containers can be recycled infinite times so they are considered to be eco-friendly.


Say no to plastic-made products and switch to glass lunch box to keep your food fresh for the longer duration, as well as, stay fit.