How can I remove a tattoo at home?

Did you recently get a tattoo only to regret it later? Tattoo regret is common, but fortunately tattoos can easily be removed.


If you got your tattoo within the last two years, there are professional treatments that will remove it for good. These require several sessions and cost thousands of dollars not including travel and other expenses which could add up to the price of a nice new tattoo.

Tattoos cannot be removed with chemicals such as bleach like some rumors suggest. However, you may encounter some products on social media platforms such as Facebook which claim to erase your skin art using household items. This article will explore if home tattoo removal treatments and remedies work and how they might be able to help you get rid of your tattoo.


About Tattoo Removal Tattoos can be removed by different methods. Tattooing is a permanent form of body art that is only meant to last for life (or at least close to it). Tattoo artists such as Mike Devries use pigments in their ink which are not soluble, meaning they cannot dissolve in the blood stream or inside the body’s cells which would eventually break them down and filter them out similar to how protein molecules are broken down in our bodies and excreted through urine or feces [9]. When we urinate or defecate, we also eliminate pigment molecules from the body which is why tattoos tend to fade over time. Tattoo removal methods include professional tattoo ink laser treatments, dermabrasion (which costs upwards of $1000 per session), and the most cost effective option…


Those who received tattoos recently can choose to have them removed by medical means but these treatments are expensive not including other expenses such as travel. Tattoos cannot be removed by chemicals like bleach. While there are some topical creams that claim to remove or fade your skin art this is not possible; ink molecules are too large to penetrate the skin’s top layer, live cells.


Dermatologists would agree that using household items will never yield results when it comes to removing tattoos at home . There are many different home remedies on the internet for getting rid of tattoos which you should not try if you want to avoid scarring, hyperpigmentation, and permanent damage to the area around your tattoo. Tattoos take a long time to heal and those who do attempt at-home removal methods may end up with infections that turn into scars as well as misshaped or faded tattoos.


Tattoo Inks Tattoo artists use various colors of ink depending on what they are drawing or how their client wants it colored. Tattoo inks contain pigments which contain molecules called chromophores [1]. Chromophores are bits of organic matter that absorb certain wavelengths of light which allows us to see them; this is why newspaper pages appear black when held under a bright light [2]. Tattoo ink molecules are so large that it takes several sessions of laser tattoo removal treatment to break them up. It is more likely that you will scar if you attempt to remove your skin art at home through any means; some homemade methods include using bleach, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, or even toothpaste.


Alternative Tattoo Removal Methods Tattoos take an average of 21 days to heal on the surface but may require many months before the ink settles in your body and becomes permanent [3]. While tattoos can be removed by medical procedures there are less invasive ways to get rid of tattoos by covering them with new tattoos or erasing them using cosmetic tattoo pigment (which is not actually tattooed).

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