How Can Custom Cakes Enhance Your Special Moments?

You are in a panic, running around like a headless chicken. Why? Because a special occasion is approaching soon. It could be a birthday, anniversary, or bridal shower. You want to make sure that everything is on point and just perfect. You feel like you are drowning in responsibilities. And yet the major decision is still pending. Choosing just the right kind of customized cake for your special occasion from the plethora of custom cakes available. The cake is the star of the show, the showstopper basically. Choosing special cakes for a special occasion takes some major consideration. To make the best decision possible, it is ideal to do some research and browse for online cake designs.

Planning a party can be so much fun. You get a chance to channel your inner creativity.
Although, there are so many details and designs to choose from. From the flavour to the texture to design to decoration. There are various options available in online cakes and in-stores in Lahore. Now what matters is the vision you have in mind for your special occasion. To make matters easy for you, here are some of the cake themes you can opt for:

Slim Structured Multi-Tier Cakes:

Multi-tier cakes always remind us of fairy tales and are always in fashion. However, if your guest list is leaning more towards the smaller scale, fret not. You can still have the multi-tier special cake of your dreams. There is a new trend of petite multi-tier customized cakes made according to your guest list.

Mix And Match Confections:

If your theme for the party is more vibrant and colourful, getting this type of custom cake would be a wise idea. These special cakes have a mixt and match of different decorative confections. Ranging from the border of bars of Kit Kat to Ferrero Rocher chocolates pinned in the cake on sticks. The options are unlimited when it comes to these customized cakes.

Mini Cakes For Each Guest:

This year’s catering trends are more focused on seated arrangements and these special cakes fit in perfectly. You can choose delightful mini cakes to be placed at the table seating. These mini cakes can be smaller versions of your dream cake. Such placements allow the cake to be distributed equally, saving you from the hustle of serving and making sure everyone gets a piece. These placements also provide maximum comfort to your guest making them feel special.

Hand-Painted Cakes:

Delicately hand-painted special cakes are rapidly gaining attention. These cakes can be customized according to your preferences. These cakes look striking on the backdrop of a polished white background or a pastel shade. These designs are so dainty that you will almost bad about eating them up.

Arrangement Of Flowers:

Nothing showcases celebrations like flowers and cake. Combine these two into a customized cake and you have a winner. You can choose to have edible flowers, gold-dusted decorative flowers, or flowers made from fondant. All depending on your taste and preference. Many bakeries are providing such custom cakes Lahore. Cakes and Bakes is one of the bakeries you can choose for high-quality cakes.

Textured Cakes:

If you are a fan of simplicity and believe less is more, these cakes are just your type. These can be in any shade but instead of all the decorative items, these have textured bases adding to the class of the cake. If your custom cake is multi-tier, you can have a different texture for each tier. These cakes have a subtle class and flair.

Modern Art Themed Cakes:

Now, these special cakes may be heavy on the pocket but their visual appeal is worth it. You may have to browse online cakes in Lahore to find the bakers capable of creating these art pieces. These cakes are in striking colours with angular or geometrical features. These help in giving across a bold statement of elegance.

Fondant Cakes:

Fondant cakes are the OG of customized cakes. These cakes introduced us to the world of special cakes and custom cakes. Still a favourite of children, these cakes can be shaped in any design and colour. Be it a cartoon character or the reflection of your hobby or even your favourite snack.

Hopefully, these options will help you narrow down the vision for your party along with catering and custom cakes. You can plan your party in the singular colour theme with the cake and catering. Otherwise, there is also the option of contrasting shades. After selecting a design there is also the duty of selecting the flavour. If you decide to go for multi-tier customized cakes, you can choose more than one flavour and If that is not the case, the chocolate flavour is the favourite flavour with a close tie in red velvet. If you are still feeling confused or can’t decide upon a single flavour, another idea could be of half and half flavours in the vertical dimension. This way you could enjoy the best of both worlds.

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