How Business Analysts can benefit your company?

A business analyst is responsible for the different challenges a company faces on a daily basis. He is also a key link between the IT department and other departments, which is why he can be described as an IT Business Analyst. A business analyst ensures that the processes in the company are improved, especially with regard to the economic and technical realization. Business analysis is generally a very broad field. The primary goal is to identify the processes and structures in a company and to constantly improve these processes with a view to optimizing the budget.

Fields of activity of a business analyst:

A business analyst can be found in a wide variety of industries. In addition to a job in a bank or insurance, he can also work in a consulting firm, a publishing house or an online company.

Education and skills of a business analyst:

If you want to take the profession of business analyst, you cannot go around studying. In particular, the study programs Computer Science, Business Informatics, Business Mathematics, Business Administration or Business Administration are ideal. Experiences gained through internships or working student jobs in IT and project management is very desirable.

Tasks of a Business Analyst:

A business analyst has many different, varied tasks. The main activity is to identify specific requirements in a company and to find solutions for these requirements in the context of the realization of a specific project. For this it is often necessary to coordinate with the different people in the respective departments and to discuss both the current state and possible new challenges. These challenges then result in concrete goals that are to be realized through projects.

Frequently, so-called business cases are created, which serve to test the profitability of a project. Thus, these processes and the processes in a company are constantly being improved so that technical processes can be better integrated into the company. Once the project has been completed, it is the job of a business analyst to ensure the quality of the project as well. In addition, the further business processes should be actively shaped.

However, as the activities are very extensive, the area of responsibility may vary from company to company. For example, a business analyst can work at a bank. Here he conducts a risk analysis, for example as part of a creditworthiness check of a customer. In addition, he must be able to present products and services to customers. Another field of activity is Customer Relationship Management, which focuses on customer relationships.

Future prospects of a business analyst:

As we live in an increasingly complex world, the (IT) business analyst is gaining more and more importance because he can better understand the complexities of a company than many professionals. An interesting area for the future is data mining, where large data sets are evaluated so that new regularities and trends can be identified.


To sum up, the job description of the business analyst is interesting for those who like to deal with challenging and varied tasks and who are aware of their responsibility. Anyone who can think analytically and has a high level of technical understanding has optimal prerequisites for starting as a business analyst. Attractive salaries are possible, especially after several years of professional experience and additionally acquired skills. You can also take help from any expert from financial sector like Sean St John of National Bank who has many years of experience in the banking and financial industry. Sean St John Toronto, executive vice president and co-head of fixed income, currencies and commodities at National Bank Financial in Toronto, has been successful due to hard work and dedication.