How an MOT and Retesting can Improve Your Car Performance?

If you are a car owner and in the UK, then you need to be aware of the MOT rules as a vehicle owner. Otherwise, you might unknowingly fall into trouble. A valid MOT certificate is required by law to be on the road. MOT is not one of those tests which you can easily get through in a few minutes. The whole process is quite lengthy and requires a lot of patience, as it includes everything from minor repairs to major replacements. It is up to you to choose what you want to spend on your car; but if your car has failed the test the retest option is available.

An Overview

MOT is a test that every vehicle must pass over three years of its running. Having an outdated MOT certificate is equivalent to having no certificate at all, and so you will be fined if caught. It is always safe to go by the rules and get your car MOT tested if it is over three years old. It is compulsory for a vehicle to pass an MOT St Helens every year in accordance to the Motor Vehicle Standards Act of 1989. A vehicle that is driven over three years or 36,000 miles needs to be tested for its roadworthiness before it can be used on public roads. The Department for Transport (DfT) issues MOT test certificates to all vehicles that pass these tests. If you are caught driving a vehicle without an MOT certificate and witness is around, then you could be given penalty ticket. Read more at myviralmagazine.

MOT Explained in Terms of Reseting

MOT retest is offered by MOT test centres when a vehicle fails an MOT test at the first go. The process is carried out under the same conditions and according to the same regulation like any other MOT test, with no additional cost. A VT30 certificate, which includes all the reasons pointlessly for the failure, will be issued if it happens. Failing an MOT test at the first go would mean a lot of hassle and trouble for you. In this case, you need to let your car have a retest immediately after that fail. It will be a bit late, but at least there is some hope; this is what MOT retest makes possible. But there are certain guidelines that must be followed in order to be eligible for MOT retest and get the vehicle repaired properly. The MOT retest is not always a paid service. Yes, if you fail the MOT once then within the next ten days, you can avail the retest without any further payment. This is called the partial re-examination of a vehicle. But, after that, it has to be paid for as the whole MOT checking will be needed after ten days from the first check and partial retest will not be possible.

The MOT test is not just a test of your car’s safety features, but it is also a means to check its roadworthiness. It certifies whether or not your car is fit to be on the roads. The test ensures that your vehicle meets legal standards of fuel efficiency and emissions. It also covers some important parts such as brakes, lights, tyres and steering for better control of the vehicle.


It is essential that you keep in touch with the MOT testing station and make sure that the issues identified in their final report have been corrected. If you fail to take action to rectify the concerns within 10 days from receipt of the MOT certificate, then you will need to pay for a full retest. You cannot transfer your MOT at an affordable price to another laboratory if you do not get it done within 10 days from the last examination. If you are not satisfied with the result of the test, then you can get it re-tested. The only provision is that if partial retest is to be done then only partial fee will have to be paid in comparison to the normal test fee. The faults previously uncovered have to be solved so that there is no more trouble in passing the MOT retest with all fault-free results.

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