Style Your Home with Curtains on Rods in an Elegant Way

Wandering about which kind of window treatment goes perfect with your room décor? Curtains on rods is the most popular and versatile option you can have. People often forget that curtains actually have flexibility. When making curtains, if you make double lining, you can easily reverse the color or pattern to bring change to the look of your room with the seasons or according to your wish at a particular moment in time. Make sure that the curtains are hung to a pole that can easily reverse the curtains.

How to measure the curtains?

When hanging curtains on a rod, the measurement of the curtain is very important. You must measure it twice to ensure that the measurement is precise, especially if the curtain fabric is expensive. It is good to have an idea of the measurement beforehand, so you can accurately calculate the amount of fabric required and the cost of labor associated with it. Installing the poles and tracks is a wise decision for more accuracy in measurement. When measuring curtains, do not forget to calculate the space required for the drapes when they are drawn back on either side of the window.

Different Kinds of Curtains on Rod Styles You Can Have

  • Double-height Curtains 

There is no reason to think that curtains will not fit a double-height space, rather this style will add a decorative element to the space. For super-tall windows, the automatic curtain rail system is the best. option You can close and open the drapes by just pressing a button. You can also go for customized solutions like arched rails to showcase the window’s shape perfectly.

  • Adding Details with Trimming 

White color sheer drapes ensure privacy while allowing soft light to enter through the fabric. To add pretty detail in this you can have delicate embroidery. It will create a subtle statement on simple designs.

  • Framing a Window Seat 

Many people create a window seat and blinds are a perfect window treatment for this. It not only offers a crisp, modern look but also looks attractive just like curtains on rods. These blinds are an ideal selection if you want to have a curtain feel in the window seat. They can be paired with drapes or used alone. Since blinds use minimal fabric, they are cost effective as well.

  • Adding a Pelmet 

Pelmets are a common addition to curtains on rods style to give it a complete look. They are a decorative feature and create an illusion of height. Pelmets can be covered with fabric or painted.

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