Home safety tips if you are living alone in a city

Living alone seems fun! Buying an apartment all by yourself infuses a sense of independence. You don’t cause worry to anyone for coming home late, you enjoy more personal space to do your thing, can roam in your pyjamas and there are no roommates to contend with.

But the biggest concern of living alone is ensuring the safety and security of your home as well as yourself. It’s important to safeguard your home from threats like burglary, intrusion or fire. The fun experience of living alone can become a nightmare if there are some safety issues. Of course, being afraid and expecting the worst is not the way to go about it. It is important to realize the risks and taking precautions. Here are some tips:

  1. Install a home security system:

There are several DIY home security systems available on the market that are easier to install and more affordable than you think. They are designed to be installed by non-technical homeowners where no drilling or technical expertise is required. There are 4BHK smart apartments in Rajarhat where IP enabled cameras are installed to provide round the clock vigilance of your asset. The live footage on the cameras can be viewed on phones and mobile devices from any location and necessary actions can be taken if there is any suspicious activity.

  1. Get reliable locks for all exterior doors:

Make sure all exterior doors and windows are locked before you leave home or go to sleep. In few 3 bhk Luxury apartments in Rajarhat Newtown have smart locks and remote door control system which can enable you to lock and unlock doors remotely. This will definitely spare you from the worry if you have locked the door properly when you are not around.

  1. Ensure fire safety:

Fire breakout at home can be devastating as well as life-threatening. Never leave cooking unattended or place flammable objects like hair spray, bug spray or air freshener near stoves. Be careful about open sources of fire like lit candles or Diyas and place those on a non-flammable surface free of clutter, grease or any potentially flammable items. In some smart apartments, there are fire and gas alarm and a panic button that will make you cautious if there is any sign of trouble.

  1. Have an emergency exit plan:

An emergency exit plan is required for the worst case scenario. In case of a fire breakout or natural disaster or some other scary situation, know where to escape where you will be safe. Before moving in, check the fire escapes and exit doors in the building and make sure the emergency doors and locks are not blocked.

  1. Keep your neighbours close:

While living alone, you need to face and manage every situation all by yourself. So, building a good relationship with your neighbours can help you to get a rescue hand in an unwanted situation. Do make an effort to be friendly with them because they will be your asset in times of trouble.

Also, have a first-aid kit and common medicines handy to tackle the emergency responses. The phone numbers of doctors, electricians, plumbers, and other concierge services should be written somewhere which is easy to find. You can create a safety and security checklist posted somewhere so that you don’t forget any safety check before leaving home.