Home cleaning takes a new dimension in the face of Covid-19

The home is the common haven for all the members of the family at the end of the day. It is important that our homes are clean, hygienic and well-maintained so that it contributes to our healthy, comfortable and happy living. In the face of Covid-19, the global pandemic, home cleaning becomes a vital topic. Studies show that the pandemic has introduced a new dimension to the way we approach home cleaning so that we keep the home safe for the health of the inmates.

New understanding of cleaning

Dr. Michael Berryhas authored a book titled as ‘Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health’. In his book, he says hygienic cleaning is cleaning for health first and appearance second. According to Dr. Berry, cleaning can be called as the science of controlling contaminants. He adds that the goal of cleaning must be to reduce or remove the harmful substances from our surroundings that can pose a threat to human health.

The International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH) says the objective of hygienic cleaning is to reduce the number of microbes on a given surface to a “safe level,” a level that cannot harm the human health. The IFH has also issued elaborate guidelines to prevent infection and mitigate the chances of cross contamination inside a living space. The risk-based approach is known as “targeted hygiene.”

Hygienic cleaning

Hygienic cleaning procedure can help eliminate as many germs as possible from critical surfaces. This can be done in three ways: employing a detergent based cleaning combined with rinsing, making use of an EPA registered disinfectant that can kill the gems on surfaces, destroying the germs with steam vapor above 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Hand washing can be done with a good soap. Soap and detergents can play a crucial role in a hygienic cleaning. The absence of soil and moisture in a given surface deprives the germs of finding an ideal breeding ground. Removing visible dirt from a surface alone does not guarantee the reduction of germs to a level that is safe for human health. As noted earlier, there can be some germs still left in a wiped surface. Hence a surface must be dried completely after rinsing or washing with soap and detergent.

Focus on high touch surfaces

While cleaning, special focus must be given to high touch surfaces since they are the ones to attract germs that can stay alive on them even for days under favorable conditions and infect the other people who touch them subsequently. High touch surfaces including handles, seats and lids in the toilets, handles of the refrigerators, cupboards and microwaves, surfaces that are contaminated by used diapers, vomit, feces, blood, menstrual pads and body fluids, cutting boards and surfaces used for handling raw meat, computer keyboards, telephones, computer mouse and other electronic gadgets, light switches, hand grails and doorknobs.

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