End All Your HME Prior Authorization Problems with PriorAuth Online

The Home medical equipment which includes crutch, nebulizer, wheelchair and many more is a gigantic business for the equipment companies. In fact, It is estimated that the market size of HME will increase over USD 271 billion by 2026, for the region of North America; MEA; APAC; Europe according to a recent survey.

Reason for The Rise of HME:

Modern Technological Advancement – with technological advancement life has become much easier for a lot of peoples and this is why HME is seen in every household.

Increased No of Aged Peoples – As today peoples above the age of 65 are more prone to the HME requirement especially for diabetic, lifestyle problems, mobility issues etc and hence HME equipment here also plays a vital role in their life.

With the rising demand for HME products, the requirement of HME prior authorization has also increased. As prior authorization requires a lot of time and the patients who require the HME products are in a hurry, healthcare providers opt for faster HME prior authorization operational extension.

PriorAuth Online powered by Sunknowledge Service Inc, a task-specific medical billing solution is the perfect fit for such HME prior authorization. With the highest productive metric and 100% prior authorization submission on the same day, PriorAuth Online is a web-based platform offering authorization initiation; approval and follow-up. In fact, with PriorAuth Online you will not only experience a reduction of errors and duplicity but also experience a boost in your authorization rate by 1.5-2x.

Our HME Prior Authorization Process Involves:

  • Gather vital information on medical procedure, patient, and provider
  • Verify and validate prior auth request with effective payer side communication
  • Check the patient’s eligibility
  • Initiate the auth request based on the payer mandates
  • Checking the auth status
  • Collating relevant documents from the ordering physicians/follow up
  • Providing additional information if any
  • Update the auth income in the PM/Billing system

So now stop worrying about your HME prior authorization when PriorAuth Online is here. Call us over a ‘no commitment call’ and experience 80% operational cost reduction, streamline operation financial upliftment and many other benefits. For more information, about our other benefits and our expert solution get in touch with our experts.