Time to Fix all Your HME Billing Concerns

To ensure seamless HME medical billing process, a healthcare provider invests dollars and dollars in the experienced billers, coders, software, their training process etc. Addition up to this keeping up-to-date on medical coding changes, modifiers and sub-sets, industry mandates and ever changing rules and regulations is equally a costly affair to maintain. On top of this, when you internal billers are seen wasting hours and hours on trying to get pre-authorization from insurance carriers rather than educating patients about their conditions or responding to patient portal inquiries, it not just a waste of valuable time but also money and resources. However, all these problems can be eliminated if you have an operational extension by your side to worry about your HME billing services.

When you have an operation extension handling your HME billing services, it does not only boost your revenue potential but also help you with a seamless operational process and a faster reimbursement rate.

Ensuring less effort from your internal staff members, with an operational extension by your side helps you more focus on the patient care; as it excludes the difficulties of juggling in between the demands of treating patients and handling billing issues.

Increasing the productivity metrics, efficiency, and employee morale, outsourced organizations reduces the burden placed on your front office staff. Taking complete HME billing responsibilities starting from entering details of new patient to eligibility and benefits verification from prior authorization, medical coding and claims submission the RCM organizations takes complete responsibilities. In fact, rejection management, payment posting, accounts receivables follow-up, denial management and even customer service are taken care by these RCM organizations.

Catering to all the client’s requirements with benefits like robust reporting, free dedicated account managers, no binding contracts too; these RCM organization delivers unique state of art support and all the heavy lifting work that drives the cash flow in the long run.

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