Hiring Indoor Plant Maintenance Services In Philadelphia

Adding some plants to your indoor office space is a great way to create a more inviting environment, but the chore of keeping all of your plants alive can be a hassle. Plant maintenance services specialize in taking over these chores in order to keep your office running smoothly and looking gorgeous every day. If you are looking for Indoor Plant Maintenance Services In Philadelphia, Plantscapes USA is here to help.

Here at Plantscapes USA, we specialize in offering interior plantscaping and management services. We not only can come and take care of your plants, but we can also help transform your unplanted spaces with our interior landscaping services. As one of the top indoor plant maintenance services in Philadelphia, we are always happy to design planted spaces for businesses and homeowners and our maintenance team will visit two to four times a month to ensure your plants are looking great.

A visit from one of our plant maintenance experts involves more than just watering plants. Our team will fertilize plants as needed and ensure that their containers are clean and any casing materials are clean. Old woodchips or moss will be replaced occasionally and the health of your plants will be evaluated. We guarantee the plants we install if you hire our maintenance service. If any of the plants we have added to your space are sick or dying, they will be replaced when we visit. This will ensure that your space is always looking gorgeous.

The aesthetic appeal of a planted space is pretty obvious, but there are several other benefits that come with adding plants to an office. Employees are rarely excited to show up to work, especially if the office space is spartan and dull. Adding some life to your space can help breathe a little extra life into your employees by creating a space that is more inviting. This can help increase morale and productivity from your staff.

Plants obviously have a mental impact, but they can also help the physical health of your employees. Plants are natural air filters. Man-made materials and plastics like those found in carpets, upholstery, and other common office items are notorious for off-gassing volatile organic compounds over time. These compounds are not natural and have been linked to health issues by the American Lung Association. Plants can remove these compounds from the air when they respirate, which helps keep the air in your office cleaner.

In addition to removing chemicals from the air, plants also add a few important things to the air. Obviously they are breathing out oxygen which is great, though I doubt your office space is suffering from a lack of oxygen. Plants also breathe out water, which can help keep the humidity in your office higher, especially in the colder winter months. Dry air can suppress the immune system and lead to more employee absence. Having plants to regulate the humidity can ensure that the humidity stays high enough to keep your employees happy and healthy year-round.

So if you are looking for an indoor plant maintenance service in Philadelphia, check out our website today to learn more about our services and how we can help improve the look and feel of your office space. We offer free plant consultations so you can decide if hiring our services is a good fit for your business. If you have any questions about our services, or you would like a free quote, reach out to a member of our team at 610-329-3935. We can’t wait to help you transform your workspace with our professional interior office plant services.

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