We’re frequently asked how to deep clean an office, and people are always astonished at how much effort it takes. While the standard business cleaning service, professional cleaners keeps places squeaky clean for day-to-day use, an office deep clean takes things a step further.

Keeping your office clean from top to bottom and front to back is vital if you want to make an excellent first impression. It is even truer when you realize that most visitors will never make it past the front doors and reception area. Potential clients will be turned away at first sight if these spaces aren’t spotless. A shabby office demonstrates disdain for both customers and visitors.

Above all, a clean workplace is critical for everyone’s health and safety. A healthy and safe work environment can also increase productivity and morale, which leads to increased business growth.

When should a workplace be deep cleaned?

Without an initial thorough clean, no commercial cleaning service would be complete – but they aren’t required every week after that. If you’re switching to a hybrid system after coronavirus, you might not need to clean your office deep very often at all.

It’s nevertheless crucial to make sure your office receives a deep clean at regular intervals — at the very least, to get into all the places where everyone forgets to clean! So, depending on how many people you have working there (and how filthy they make it!), once every four to six months is a good schedule for an office deep clean.


Checklist for Cleaning Supplies in the Office

Fortunately, you can rely on expert cleaning services to maintain your office in good shape. In reality, some professional cleaners specialize in cleaning offices! With the correct tools and a few basic ideas, you can also keep your workplace clean via your efforts.

To get started, you’ll need to refresh your cleaning supplies. Here are a few must-haves:

  • All-purpose cleaning cloths
  • Vacuum cleaner with a high suction power
  • Duster with a long handle for hard-to-reach locations
  • Broom and a dustpan
  • Mop and several buckets
  • Gloves made of rubber
  • Scrubbing sponges
  • Toilet brush

Aside from these items, you’ll also require the appropriate cleaning solutions. An all-purpose detergent, dish soap, toilet cleaner, degreaser, bleach, and window cleaner are essential. What you need to buy is determined by the resources available in your office.

professional cleaners

How to clean an office thoroughly: a step-by-step guide

It’s a large project, and it’ll need a little teamwork to get it right. However, if you hire a professional, you’ll get a proper deep clean that can be sustained by a weekly or biweekly cleaning service.

Step 1: wipe everything away

This one will necessitate a little extra effort from your team towards the end of the day before the significant thorough professional cleaners! Clear all clutter desks, and get bags and document folders off the floor – that’s also an excellent chance to get rid of any clutter accumulated over time. It can even be a pleasurable experience.

Step 2: the action

Any moveable furniture should be grouped in the center of the workplace space, leaving all edges exposed (and areas where dust has built up). You’ll undoubtedly notice that the floors that you should regularly clean are a different hue!

Step 3: dust & disinfect

Ascertain that the office is well aired before beginning to dry dust on all surfaces. Starting at the top of the room, work your way down to the light fixtures, rails, and high shelving or tall furniture. You may require a step ladder or a high-reach duster.

Working your way down to the desks and cabinets, take care not to disturb or spread significant dust accumulations. It’s okay if it falls on the floor at this point. Oh, and don’t forget to dust the blinds.

After any remaining dust has settled, it’s time to wet dust and disinfect it, either with a vinegar/water solution or a streak-free disinfecting cleaner. Be sure to clean the inner parts of windows as well.

Give particular attention to the messiest areas of the office at this time: desks, keyboards, door handles, phones, and switches. All sites that are frequently touched should be cleaned, disinfected, and rubbed down.

Step 4: the floor

It’s time to focus on the floor now that the dust and filth have been removed. Weekly vacuuming will suffice for office spaces with carpets, but that is simply the beginning of a comprehensive clean.

Get the vacuum cleaner into every gap and suck up all the dust you can with furniture away from walls and corners. Specialized equipment is required to clean an office carpet thoroughly. Even if dirt and bacteria have been stomped in, our hot water extraction procedure cares for the cloth while removing them.

Start with a vacuum before mopping with disinfectant on hard floors, paying particular attention to the corners and edges rarely cleaned.

Step 5: reorganize

When you finish the deep cleaning, and the floors are dry, it’s time to put everything back where it belongs and reorganize. Reassemble all of the desks and furnishings, reconnect all computers, and prepare to enjoy a spotless office.

Now all you’d have to do is tidy the office kitchen. But perhaps that’s a project for another day. Professional Cleaners | A2Zee.

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