Guide to Driving your Car Abroad

Do long drives entice you? Exploring new places in your car, driving off the beaten track discovering a beautiful forest or a snow-clad mountain – nothing can be more satisfying than that. But keep a few things in mind before you embark on the trip.

You need to check out the rules of the country you are travelling to as well as some of the equipment needs. It is also better to gain familiarity with the local driving regulations, speed limits, fuel availability and ‘stop off’ points for your journey.

Here are a few tips to guide you if you want to drive abroad.

Tools to Carry

You need to prepare your car properly before you embark on your journey. Let’s take a look at a few essentials you need to carry with you in your car.

  • Toolkit
  • First aid kit
  • Reflective jacket
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Torch

Also, make sure your car is properly serviced before starting your journey.

You can carry out a few checks yourself to find out whether it is in a suitable condition for the journey. Check the tyre pressure, tyre condition, brake condition including your brake fluid level and check the oil and coolant levels. Observing these simple strategies will allow your car to run smoothly and prevent problems during your journey.

Documents you Must Have

You need to carry a few documents while you are on a trip abroad. The list includes a driving licence, vehicle documents, car insurance details, a copy of your V5C with private number plate registration, passport and travel insurance documents.

Check Your Car Insurance

If you are driving in another country, you must be able to prove you have car insurance. Some countries need you to have a Green Card as well.

Many insurance policies do not offer you the same coverage while you are travelling abroad as you have in the U.K. If you need a higher protection level, make a call or visit your insurer to find out whether they will upgrade your policy to get you covered for travel abroad. Also, remember that there are some insurers who must be informed before you make your trip abroad.

Drive Carefully

You will be driving on unfamiliar roads so you need to be extra vigilant.

Expect the unexpected and ensure you are observant at all times.

Be careful of the wear and tear on your car during your journey. Regularly check the tyres, mirrors, lights and fluid levels to remain safe.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, get in touch with your insurer and the police as soon as possible. Make sure to take photographs of your vehicle to capture the damage caused and the road conditions at the time of the incident.

Find Out if You Require an International Driving Permit

International Driving Permits are necessary to travel to some countries. You need to be a resident of Northern Ireland or Great Britain to get hold of an International Driving Permit, you need to be more than eighteen years of age and have a full driving license. With an International Driving Permit, you can drive in most countries. Make sure you have your U.K. licence with you as well. In some countries, you need this permit to drive legally, in many countries it is required by the car hire companies. IDP is valid only if you are carrying your U.K. driver’s licence with you.

Protect your Things

Be vigilant to help prevent your car from being broken into. Avoid leaving anything valuable in your car and ensure you remove personal items when you retire for the night.

Keep Kids Safe and Happy

According to recent research, there is a higher probability of motorists being distracted by kids rather than by mobile phones. It is important for a passenger to keep your children occupied and happy while you are driving.

Make sure to seat children in an approved baby, child or booster seats appropriate for their age and size. You can use the adult seat belts if appropriate for the size of the children.

As soon as you plan your itinerary, get a printout so that you can follow the best route for your journey. You can ask a passenger to read out route directions so that you can concentrate on driving. We hope that the above tips assist you in enjoying a great driving experience overseas.

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