Great Reasons to Get a Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group from White Knight Supply

So you’re looking into making repairs to an AR-15 style platform that you own or another sporting model. Perhaps you’re looking to keep a spare in reserve for when the original moving parts wear out or fail. Coolest of all, maybe you’re looking at doing your own build. There are few things more rewarding than working on your own gun, and the feeling of pride that comes along with it. If any of these situations are applicable to you, you’re definitely going to be in need of a bolt carrier group. The bolt carrier group, however, is under some of the highest stress of any moving parts in the gun, and needs to be precision machined and frequently lubricated to guarantee smooth cycling or any cycling at all. Therefore, you may have even heard of a nickel boron bolt carrier group .

Depending on your platform, a nickel boron bolt carrier group is identical in every respect to any other bolt carrier group in a given gun, with one exception. Although similar in every other respect and tolerance to other bolt carrier groups, a nickel boron bolt carrier is coated in – you guessed it – nickel boron. This coating is superior in that it is smoother and harder than alternative coatings to the point that it can enable the bolt carrier group effectively through many rounds without lubrication. Models with these capabilities are being researched and improved by militaries around the world because of their excellent performances under pressure.

Naturally, when doing your own builds, repairs, or modifications, you’ll be looking to include the most efficient and the toughest parts in your assembly, so looking for a nickel boron bolt carrier group is not really a surprise. Finding one, and the right one for your platform, however, can be a challenge, especially at decent prices. But here’s the good news. If you come to White Knight Supply looking for one, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s why – you’ll find multiple different options depending on the caliber of your weapon and the brand of your choice. Better yet is the fact that they are available at phenomenal prices and topped off with free shipping. That’s right – hard to find equipment at excellent prices and with free shipping to top it all off. Not to mention that their shipping is fast, too.

Of course, since your working on your gun, a bolt carrier group isn’t the only thing you’ll need. You’ll also need parts like firing pins, trigger groups, rails, upper and lowers, and all the hardware to go along with it. You’ll find them easily at White Knight Supply, oftentimes even listed right at the bottom of the page you started browsing on, and they’re all at similar awesome prices and offered with free shipping. It sounds almost too good to be true, but it isn’t. So the next time you’re servicing your AR platform or some other sporting rifle head to and start saving.

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