GRE versus GMAT

Many business schools accept both the GRE as well as the GMAT exam. It is the will and choice of the MBA applicant to choose from both of them in order to showcase the skills and academic potential. GRE coaching in Delhi is the most flourished business nowadays. There are many differences between both of them. Some of them have been highlighted as follows:

  • Preference of the schools: there are some business schools in which the GMAT is highly preferred. So it is advisable for the candidates to check for their dream colleges and then apply for the exam. Also there are colleges that give equal weight age to both of them. It all depends upon the institution that what are their guidelines and procedures. So one must be well aware of all of them.
  • Skills of mathematics: as per the experts the maths questions are more difficult in GMAT as compared to the GRE. As a result people with good maths skills go for the GMAT in order to show the skills. In case on wishes to apply in a program that values maths more than one must go for the GMAT exam. It is also believed that quant section of GMAT is difficult than of GRE. It may be easier for those people who prefer logic problems over geometry problems since there are more geometry in GRE than GMAT. Also people who do not like geometry go for the GMAT.
  • Language skills: as per the experts the GRE includes more difficult words of English as compared with the GMAT. The GRE verbal section is considered tough for non native English speakers. The GRE verbal section is difficult than the verbal section of GMAT.  The difficulty increase by each and every part of the exam.
  • Goals of the candidates related to the career: MBA applicants who wish to work for the banks or the investment companies must know that companies prefer candidates with the good GMAT scores. So this must be kept in mind while choosing the course. One must be well versed with the career opportunities and must invest in that particular line in which one wishes to go in future after the completion of studies. As per a survey the people who got admitted using the GRE later on had to appear for GMAT in order to have full time consultant jobs.
  • Test anxiety: the GRE allows the candidates to return to the questions and even save them section wise. This helps to reduce the stress and anxiety during the exams. GRE users are allowed to skip the questions so it is considered difficult in comparison to the GMAT. The candidates who have a tendency to panic and who take stress easily must go for the GRE as they perform better according to some reports. People prefer GRE as it allows to skip back and forth on the questions. There is a comfort in GRE as one can go back and check in case there is sufficient time to fix the mistakes. GRE coaching in Delhi includes various institutes that help to give complete guidance about such issues.