A Hookah pen may be a device almost like an electronic cigarette. It uses a component to vaporize a liquid flavoring that’s then inhaled. The Hookah pen has an equivalent basic components as an electronic cigarette which contains a cartridge, an atomizer (heating element), and A battery. The cartridge holds the liquid flavoring (e-liquid) and is additionally the mouthpiece where the vapor is inhaled from. When the battery is turned on (usually a lithium ion battery) it activates the component which heats up the liquid, turning it into vapor.

The Hookah pen is usually mentioned as a Shisha pen, or E Shisha (electronic Shisha). also because the components it shares with an electronic cigarette, the Hookah pen is provided with an LED light function that indicates when the Hookah pen is on and when a puff is taken. A microprocessor is on top of things of the LED indicator and therefore the component

Many people hear the words Hookah or Shisha pen and associate it with the popularized Hookah pipe. A hookah pipe may be a uniquely designed hookah that’s wont to smoke various blends of tobacco. this is often done by the combustion of dry, hookah tobacco. there’s no combustion with a Hookah/Shisha pen because the e-liquid flavoring is being only being heated, there’s no substances being burned like there are once you smoke Hookah.

Types of Hookah Pens
●Disposable Hookah/Shisha pens are designed for straightforward use without having to require the pen apart. The pens are portable and may be used anywhere that smoking is allowed. Prepackaged with different flavors, disposable Hookah pens typically offer between 250 and 500 puffs. the amount of puffs can increase counting on the brand. A puff is measured by a 1 second drag from the hookah pen. Once the portable Hookah is employed up, it are often disposed of with none problem.

●Rechargeable and refillable Hookah pens are made to return apart in order that the cartridge are often refilled with the e-liquid when there’s no more. The heating coil inside the atomizer are often replaced too, as they are doing not tend to last very long. Rechargeable and refillable Hookah/Shisha pens can last for an extended time with the right care. Charging your Hookah pen can vary counting on the brand of your device. there’ll be instructions together with your purchase to explain the way to properly take it apart and the way to charge it.

●Starter kits are made for your convenience when it involves just learning to smoke Hookah or for maintaining your Hookah/Shisha pen. Most starter kits include a clearomizer (a transparent cartridge for the flavoring liquid), extra battery, a charger, and sometimes a bottle of e liquid. Various brands will include less or more of the various materials needed for a Hookah pen..