Google Reviews Widget – Benefits Of Embedding it

As we are all aware of the fact that google reviews play an important role in our purchase decisions. Brands must remember that now their audience is much smarter when it comes to buying any services or products. Now people no longer fully rely on brand commercials, the study suggests that 90% of consumers check on the google reviews before spending their money on a particular product or service. Hence, google reviews are a very important social proof for your brand.


Just think of a simple question. What do you do when you want to join a gym or maybe a music class? Yes, You land on to google and search for it right away. Well, almost all the people do the same thing. For brands and businesses, Google My Business account is the best tool to enhance your online presence on search engines. On google my business, businesses can provide their locations and create a listing, after which users can submit their feedback in the form of reviews or pictures of your location, product, or your services. This helps in creating social proof for your business on search engines. Referring to the customer’s reviews it gives your audience a sense of confidence that they are making the right choice. 

For most of the brand’s main channel for commercial activities is their website. So, don’t you think adding google reviews widgets on your website would be beneficial for your business?

Have a look at some of the benefits of having google reviews on your website:


Increase trust and credibility for your Brand 

Google reviews are based on the true experiences of the customers with the brand. It shows how satisfied they are with your product/services. As we all know the most trusted search engine is Google and so are its reviews, whenever a brand is being searched on Google search bar by someone, reviews are always noticed. So, embedding Google reviews on your website increases trust and credibility for your brand as personal feedbacks whether they are positive or negative always matters to your website visitors. The buying decisions of people are 90% based on the user-generated content.

Creates Desirability –

When the visitors on your website have a look at the Google review widgets with people applauding your brand with all the positive reviews, obviously now they trust your product also, it creates a sense of desirability to buy the product as customers reviews are unbiased and based on actual experiences with the brand’s product and services. Desirability of the audience to buy your product is what makes your product a great one from the average ones. 

Brand Awareness-

Embedding Google review widgets grabs the attention of the visitors that are present on the website, so they are less likely to bounce back from your website. Instead, they end up spending more time exploring pages, registering on your website etc. Google review creates a long-lasting expression on the visitors and by adding them, more people become aware of your brand, as the voice of your existing customers helps your brand to broaden its horizons. 

SEO Perks 

Benefits of google reviews are not only limited to increasing trust, credibility, desirability, etc but displaying google widgets on your website also helps in improving your search engine rankings. Embedding google review widgets helps your website to keep updated with fresh content every time. The long-tail keywords and phrases that your customers use in their reviews help in improving search engine rankings. So, when your website is displayed in the top lists of search engines then it will definitely help your website to increase the click-through rates. 

Boost conversions and sales-

Well, all the marketing strategies and tactics are of no use if it’s not helping you in boosting your sales and in increasing your customer base. As discussed above a lot of Google Reviews benefits due to which google widgets have a higher potential to boost sales compared to that of a brand creating advertisements and content for promoting its products and services. Ultimately, conversions and all is what matters for us right?

Last Words 

You can add google reviews in multiple ways. One of the ways is directly adding them through Google by choosing the review you want to embed and copy-pasting the HTML code at the backend of your website. Another way to do so is by using social media aggregators like Taggbox Widget which helps you in creating a review feed with all your reviews at a single place. The tool also provides you with different options like personalization, moderations, analytics etc.

 So these were the benefits and some ways of displaying google reviews on your website, now you know how they play a crucial role in improving your business. Now start having it for your websites and see the changes yourself.

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