Good quality tyres, do they matter?

Everyone looks out for good performance, but sometimes the performance is compromised, why? Because some components of a vehicle are not taken into consideration (for example, tyres).. Yes, the simple-looking tyre plays an important role in performance, and its quality will affect the vehicle’s efficiency.

There has been significant development in the field of tyre technology in the past few years. One of the leading companies in the field of tyre technology, Continental, has developed multiple technologies to boost the performance and safety of driving.

Some of the tyre technologies by Continental:

ContiSeal: Any person who drives on a regular basis might have faced problems liketyre tread damage or tyre puncture. To deal with these problems, one needs to carry an extra tyre with them to change the tyre on the spot.

Here, ContiSeal technology comes into play. Whenever there is tyre tread damage because of a sharp object, the hole will remain covered because of an extra sticky, viscous layer present beneath it. Rest assured, neither will the mileage drop nor will the performance of the vehicle.. While, it saves space (bHere, ContiSeal technology comes into play. Whenever there is a tyre tread damage because of asome sharp object, the hole will remain covered because of an extra sticky, viscous layer present beneath it. Recause you do not have to carry an extra tyre), it also contributes to convenience as you do not have to worry about punctures.

• ContiSense: It is a technology which lets you keep track of tread depth and temperature with the help of sensors present in the Tyres High Wycombe. These are some elements that should not be neglected, especially the tread depth. As the tread wears off with time, you might need to replace the tyre with a new one, as the worn-out tyres lose grip over terrains like wet roads or snow-covered roads. Remember, it is illegal to use a tyre with a tread depth less than that of 1.6mm. If your tyre’s tread depth is less than the bare minimum, it is time to replace it.. Temperature rise in tyres is another factor which should be taken into consideration for better efficiency. As the temperature of a tyre falls, the pressure will also fall accordingly leading to an increase in the area of contact between the road and the tyre, ultimately leading to more fuel consumption. So, in general, this technology alerts the user of the anomalies in a tyre.

• ContiAdapt: This technology allows users to adjust the pressure of continental tyres High Wycombe, which is the deciding factor in the contact patch area. As terrain changes, the requirements needed to meet the better performance and safety, those requirements can be met by adjustment of tyre pressure. For example, wet roads need more traction between road and tyre, which can be achieved by reducing the tyre pressure. This technology comes in handy to overcome the seasonal change of terrain.

So, these were some of the advancements done in the sector of Tyre technology. Not only these technologies help in better the performance, but also the safety and convenience. So, the conclusion is, Yes, the quality of tyres does matter. If you want to get your vehicle upgraded with these technologies, or you need more professional advice, assistance or a more detailed description, you can contact Top Tread Tyres. They got a large inventory and expertise in this sector.

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