Go Big with a 60 Inch Linear Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces have all sorts of uses, especially in the time of year when the weather is not at freezing temperatures but not overly hot either. It can make for some relaxing nights, indoors or outdoors. Indoors, you can easily curl up by the fire on the sofa or even on a blanket on the floor and just enjoy the comfort and the warmth it provides. Outdoors, it really helps to set the scene nicely, giving off a perfect glow to not only keep things lit up but also to make things close and intimate whether you are relaxing alone or enjoying the company of a few friends.

For many families, fireplaces don’t seem like a possibility, at least in their own heads. There are many things that create this type of thinking. There is the price of a fireplace and how much investment goes into it. There is the spacing, both within or outside of a home, and wondering how you can fit something like that. This can be especially true when you see a 60 Inch Linear Gas Fireplace and wonder how you could ever fit something like that into your home. It’s actually easier than you think.

If you have a room that has suitable dimensions and are able to keep one wall free of other furniture, you can easily fit even a large fireplace in this area. This is especially true when you choose a gas fireplace that doesn’t require a venting system or any chimney or other construction. The installation can be easy and the function will have you wondering why you didn’t consider this idea sooner.

Linear gas fireplaces come with a lot of benefits. They are energy-efficient and can serve as a great heat source for a home, especially for a room that you use quite often or where you host guests. You can essentially stop worrying about how much heat you are using in other rooms and put the focus on the main room of gathering, like a living room, and add to that by using the fire.

Another benefit of a 60 inch linear gas fireplace is how easy it can be to both install and maintain. Linear fireplaces can be really easy to install because they can go in a lot of different places, notably directly into a wall within your home. From there, you can operate and maintain the fireplace very easily. Unlike traditional fireplaces where you need to gather firewood, you can start up a linear gas fireplace with just the push of a button and when you are done there is virtually no cleanup. With a traditional fireplace, you need to clean up some of the ash and soot that gets left behind from the fire. Traditional fireplaces also require a lot of maintenance throughout the year for cleaning purposes, where a linear gas fireplace just needs an annual checkup to ensure that everything functions properly.

Finally, there is the price, and it can be difficult to get a large fireplace on a budget. When you choose a place like Embers Living and look at a 60 inch linear gas fireplace, you see that you can get a great fireplace in a great size for a price that actually works for you.

A fireplace in any home is a welcoming thing. It provides warmth in the physical sense, but also shows the warmth of the people who live in the home and want to open the doors to loved ones, friends and family that should experience the home in a special way. Make your dream of owning a beautiful fireplace come true when you choose Embers Living.

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