Give Your Interiors A Stylish Makeover This Winter

The notion of interior designing evolves with every season. Transforming your existing spaces from blah to beautiful is no more an arduous affair. With bevy of options at your closest access, you can bask in luxury right at your living space whenever you want. No matter how small or large your room is, your eternal lure toward luxury can help you pep up your interiors like a magazine-worthy masterpiece.

While there are several ways to notch up a luxurious space, your personal taste matters the most. To some, a lavish nook is all about charm, beauty and singularity. While for the others, it simply conveys a perfect sanctuary that screams convenience and flexibility. And, with cold breezy winter setting in, it’s high time that you hone your designing skills to pep up your interiors.

Let’s find out how Mrs. Joshi, the resident of a 2 BHK apartment at Joka has stirred up a luxe interior even with a petite space.

 1. Bright Hues on the Walls

Winter is all about the bright hues and the coral tone. It gives an illusion of bigger rooms and creates enough space to play with colours and textures. For a signature look, add a pop of colour with textured curtains. Make sure that the textured curtains are in line with the shades of the walls. Even if you are using bright winter hues, make sure that it imparts a serene semblance to your interiors.

2. Style Makeover with Crafted Fabrics

A splash of colourful textures can instantly add some drama to an otherwise nondescript living space. It lends a chic touch to your winter ready interiors. Pile on a cotton tapestry and soft plush pillows to outfit your retro style sofa. To intensify a dramatic appeal, you can also choose to deck up your space with an exquisite knotted rug. A bold pattern can be the vantage point of your winter ready living space. Welcome the festive vibes with a plethora of vibrant and textural accents like lush green planters and assorted wall hangings while keeping everything minimal.

3. Accent Furniture for a Smart Decoration

Accent furniture can instantly amp up your monotonous interiors. It’s easy and stylish approach to add some drama to your existing decor scheme. Opt for stylish accent pieces that alone can take over your dull interiors. This is an effective way to add glamour and visual interest to any place.

4. Rugs Create Depth

Rugs are extremely versatile decorative pieces that offer a little more than visual appeal. Offering a vintage charm in every bit, rugs can create signature decor drama that you would cherish forever. Incorporate designs that harmonize and enhance the existing space. There are numerous options to play around with.

The Takeaway Point

While there’s always a place for minimalism, color splashes can do real wonders especially in the winter. Ranging from sunny yellows to pastel blues, you can play with anything to personalize your very own sanctuary in a way you want. This season, you can go boho, vintage or classic, but whatever you choose, your living space should speak your style.