Getting an Idea of the Michelin Power CX Jet Tyres

In the sphere of cyclocross, Michelin’s green tyres are somewhat iconic. Originally released over two decades ago, they reached the peak of popularity in 2017. This was in the event of Wout van Aert scoring a win in the World using an original tread fitted to Dugast tubular casing. This sparked a hype across communities of cycling enthusiasts and those green tyres found their place in people’s wish lists.

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Such an interest resulted in the vintages being sold at a much higher price than the original, NOS eBay listings crossing the $100 mark per piece. Now, Michelin has brought them back, perhaps due to this popular demand. Let us now find out what changed and how they hold up in regards to the current industry standards.

When they were first released, they were 30mm in width while the new ones are 33mm. However, this difference does not show when they are fitted over a rim. Both of them puff out to over 35mm when mounted on a rim of 23mm interior width.

These tyres perform especially well on hard, dry surfaces having a lower tread compared to their Mud counterparts. Offered in both tubed and tubeless clinchers, the latter are of 33mm width which is the UCI limit. They are 700mm in diameter and have a claimed mass of 390g. The target demographic are cyclists who are in the realm of racing but they can also be used for off-road riding.

The tread pattern is adopted from the Cross Country MTB range that allows excellent grip on the pavement. It is also reinforced crosswise with a “Bead 2 Bead Protek” technology on the crown and sidewalls. This strengthens the tyre providing puncture protection.

They can be mounted onto the wheel rim without latex though you will have to use levers. The process of setting them up is quite hassle-free in general. Even at low pneumatic pressures, they are able to hold air well. In our experience, they don’t burp air either.

A problem with these tyres is that they are not suitable for riding in wet and muddy conditions. They lose traction on any damp surfaces including grassland. However, this disadvantage is negated because it allows your bike to run at a higher speed. Another eye-catching detail, of course, is the classic green colour of the tyres.

The Power Jets are £42.99 each and are pretty good value for your money. If your cycling plans are solely for a dry track, it is one of the best choices to make. Not only are they high-quality tyres but for a cycling aficionado, they also have a special nostalgia attached to them.

As the world moves faster, bicycles are getting pushed to the backstage. Of course, most cycling geeks are still there, cheering on during races, but the crowd seems to lean towards motorcycles and cars these days. The relaunch of this green classic may have brightened the flame for the cyclists even. There is no stress of getting an MOT; something you should get done from places like Tyres Oxford if your car or motorcycle needs one, by the way. They are environment friendly and are a fun exercise in general.


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