Getting a Private Number Plate is Great for all Car Owners

Have you recently bought a brand new car of your dream? Do you want to stand out from the commoners and be unique? Then, you must think about adding a customized number plate. If you attach a standardized number plate, it’s absolutely okay. But, if you really wish to be noticed by all, you must go for a private number plate with a bit of extra pocket pinch. Again, owners of BMW, Ferrari, Toyota GR Supra, and other highly expensive luxury cars must display the special number plate by which people will know you and your personality.

Again, business holders often use personalize number plates as the representative of the brand philosophy, and for displaying a slogan, and showing company logo, etc.

It’s your choice whether you will buy a private number plate for your car or not. But, we will give you some exclusive pointers so that you can stay away from making mistakes. Also, by following the pointers, you will achieve exactly what you want from personalized registration number plates.

Check all the options:

Check all types of number plates. Otherwise, you can’t know which one is really the best of all. The makers of registration plates present all kinds of customization options to the clients. You can customize all aspects of your private number plate. The tools of the registration plate builder work online. You are free to select the size, border, material, text/font, designs, etc. You can make use of the available tools to experiment with the existing options and check if your demand is being catered. You can make as many changes as you want before finalizing and ordering your registration plate.

Can the budget be a real concern?

Private number plates can come at low prices. But, if you go for a shorter and more meaningful one, you have to pay high. Though budget is a concern for many yet the very rich people who can afford a Lamborghini Veneno, Maybach Exelero, Mercedes Benz, etc. won’t mind spending a fortune on the most unique registration number plate.

The majority of the people purchase number plates within the range of £500 – £3000 and more. It is best if the budget of the number plate is proportionate to the car’s value. Moreover, in the case of business marketing, you can raise the budget even if the value of the vehicle doesn’t match the price of the plate.

DVLA Guidelines for you:

The DVLA guidelines are crucial for road safety. Again, you must follow the guidelines for legal compliance. Visit the DVLA’s official site and go through each detail thoroughly.

The main guidelines stated by the UK government:

  • The first of the two alphabets on a registration number plate in the UK represents the particular area of registration. For example- L is for London, E is for Essex, O is for Oxford, etc.
  • The second letter of the registration plate represents the specific office in a particular area where the registration took place.
  • The next two alphabets situated in the middle represent the vehicle’s age.

It is extremely complicated to determine the car’s age. Hence, you must know about the types and styles of registration number plates before buying them.

A note about the middle numbers of the registration number plate:

If a private number plate was issued between 28th February and 31st August in the year 2018, then 18 is the middle number. If the number plate was issued after 31st August in the year 2018 and before 28th February of the next year that is 2019, then the issuing followed the 60 formats.

From this year that is 2020 onwards, all the registration number plates in the UK are following the 70 formats. The 60 formats have been replaced permanently.

The present 70 formats and the previous 60 formats combine the registration year’s last number and the first number of the 60 or 70 formats to present the license plate’s middle number.

For example, a registration number registered in 2019’s October will still follow the 60 formats, and its middle number should be presented as 69. Again, if the number plate was issued in 2020’s January, then the middle number would be 70.

You must get the correct middle number, otherwise, you have to pay for correction. If you continue displaying the wrong number, then a fine of £1,000+ will be charged to you.

Hence, a personalized number plate is great for your new car provided you display the right numbers and letters on it and use it in the right way.

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