Get your Urgent Care Billing Scrutinized by Sunknowledge Services Inc

According to a survey, around one in every six time one is either taken into an emergency room or taken to a hospital where it is later encountered by a surprise bill. However, with the passing of the ‘no surprise bill regulation’, has left many with a sign of relief. From the 1st of January 2022, federal law now bans types of surprise medical bills.

Managing medical billing has always been formidable and especially today in this rising healthcare cost and changing billing mandates addressing billing operation efficiently are not as easy as it is seen. In fact, an expert with dedicated and complete knowledge is needed to address all your urgent care billing and other medical billing specialties. This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help.

Sunknowledge a one-stop destination for all your urgent care billing needs:

Taking care of all the pre and post-billing work at only $7 per hour, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a thriving RCM (revenue cycle management) destination for many leading names in the industry. Working continuously and improving your overall billing approach, we further standardize all your heightened denials and rejection management, decline your AR bucket and boost your productivity metrics so that you can concentrate on patient care. Eliminating all your errors and oversight, we take care of all your timely claims submission, inaccurate charge captures unverified insurance, denied appeals, coding inaccuracies, inadequate staffing issues and many more.

Known to improve your key performance indicators (KPIs), we today further guarantee an accuracy rate of 99.9% accuracy rate as well. Assisting you with receding billing errors and denial rates with no cost dedicated account manager; we additionally aid in reducing your staff administrative workload. Increasing efficiency and profitability Sunknowledge Services Inc is a recognized leader in state–of–the–art RCM solutions with excellent industry references across the US.

What are you waiting for? Call us to know more about how we as an expert can mark a change in your urgent care revenue generation.

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