Get Your Security Alarm Cables At EWCS Wire

The security alarm system in your home is one of your best deterrents against crime and is one of the systems in your home that helps to keep you protected and safe. It relies on a constant and unbroken flow of information transmitted in the form of electricity in order to communicate and report status.

It, unlike some of the other electrical systems in your home, has very different requirements for the types of wires that can be used in the system. While the system of your home that keeps appliances and lighting running and operational will require the ability to transfer higher electrical signals. The appliances and lighting fixtures around your home and especially in commercial settings will draw much more power than security systems. Security Alarm Cable is specifically designed to communicate a continuous low energy signal across a system. The unbroken signal is critical in instrumentation systems and security systems, because, while it might be inconvenient if a light goes out for a moment, if a security system is down it leaves the entire superstructure that is protected at risk.

Therefore, although security alarm cable is usually rated to lower voltages than other electrical cables, it is imperative that it supplies a continuous flow of power for the monitoring of the system and reporting of its nodes. Security alarm cable is rated to different specific situations, including ratings for riser and plenum use in shielded and nonshielded varieties. If you are looking for some security alarm cables that can offer you any of those features, take a look at what’s in stock at

Riser rated cables are rated for just that – use in risers, through and across the floors of a building. These are the types of wires and cables that are typically used in wiring security systems across the many floors of a building and across different levels. At EWCS Wire, you will find security and alarm cables rated for use in risers that are also useful for wiring audio systems and intercom circuits.

Plenum space is the open space contained within a building, typically above a drop ceiling. Plenum space is often incorporated into a building to make it easier to run wires or ducts through a building while at the same time economizing costs such as those incurred by HVAC applications. At EWCS Wire, you will also find security alarm cable rated for use in plenum space, with additional features that make it safe for such applications. The plenum-rated security alarm cables at EWCS Wire, for example, insulated by a white PVC jacket that will smoke only minimally when overheated.

EWCS Wire also offers security alarm cables, both riser and plenum rated, in shielded configurations. Shielded cables might not be necessary for every wiring situation, but shielded cables are designed to afford additional protection against electrical interference which can compromise the efficacy of the circuit. Especially in situations where there is a lot of wiring in proximity or over exceptionally long distances, shielded cables might be advisable.

At EWCS Wire, you will find security alarm cables to meet these different specifications and much more. In addition, their security cable offers a ripcord to make it easy to expose the wires within. Better yet, their security wire and cable and all of the electrical wire and cable that you will find on their site is made in America and held to the highest standards of quality. Whether you are looking for electrical wire or cable for a security system or have a more specialized need, take a look at what they offer on their site at You can chat with them on their site, but if you need more information feel free to reach out to their team at 800-262-1598.

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