Get Your Next Outdoor Linear Fireplace from Embers Living

Planning for a gathering space outdoor, whether that space will hosts parties or conventions, barbecues or rallies, or even simpler family affairs, requires attention to detail and to atmosphere. There is a world of difference between a yard backlight by crude halogen lights and one gently apparelled by the warm cloak of firelight. Especially when the environment is well conceived, there are few settings more conducive to a gathering than the outdoors under the backdrop of night with the inclusion of the gentle light of a fire, whether chiefly for warmth, illumination, or simply to assist the atmosphere. One of the configurations that lends itself excellently to such settings is an Outdoor Linear Fireplace.

With an outdoor linear fireplace, you get the ambience of firelight, with the ability to customize the height and brightness of the flames and the ability to alter the warmth and sound and other features such as color of the flames. Moreover, when you trust in a reputable provider like Embers Living you will get the best products, units and equipment in the business without exception. On top of access to a peerless inventory, you’ll have access to a sales staff that is devoted and dedicated to the ultimate customer experience and satisfaction.

Trusting in Embers Living to bring you an outdoor linear fireplace means you’ll have your choice in some of the best names in the business including but not limited to Dimplex, Napoleon, Empire Boulevard and Majestic. Size, color, strength, and fuel type are entire at the disposal of your discretion. If you desire a bright and powerful linear fireplace, you might desire something along the lines of the Amantii Series Panorama electric fireplaces. Not only will the Amantii Series give you your choice of length and depth, it will entirely fit itself to your desires in terms of aesthetics. You have the option of setting glass diamonds, nuggets or fire glass media as the base of the fire, with the option to light it as you choice. The unit gives you the option to operate the flame with or without heat as the situation demands and dictates. In an environment where the light of fire is desirable or imperative but the heat is unnecessary it will shine. The flames and lighting can be adjusted at will and the unit will be quite at home in an indoor setting as well as an outdoor one.

In situations where the heat of a fire is unnecessary but the ambience is imperative, along with the complete illusion of light and sound both, a unit like the Dimplex Opti Myst Pro 1000 can’t be beat. Powered by water, the unit provides both light and sound while creating only a simulated flame, perfect for high summer gatherings and where actual flames would create a burden of maintenance or an obstruction to safety. Even better, the LED lights never require replacement or maintenance while faithfully serving lighting.

Of course once you’ve settled on an outdoor linear fireplace, you’ll need a venue to select it, and you would be hard pressed to outdo Embers Living. Ember Living has long relied on its attention and devotion to the customer experience and to customer satisfaction and much to its own success. When you trust in Embers Living to bring you the best experience that a fireplace possibly can, you’ll be getting not only the highest and finest quality in the market, but a sales team of experts that will see you through the entire process. So when the time comes to outfit a new space, head to and let the experts help you select the right choice for your setting.

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