Get Your Large Men’s Shoes at XL Feet

Where do you get your Large Men’s Shoes? No, not size 12, not even size 13. If you’re a shoe size beyond men’s size 13, where do you get your shoes? It’s a great question since it’s hard to find a pair of men’s shoes larger than that nearly anywhere you go. And, presumably, if you wear a men’s shoe size larger than that, well, that’s the size shoe you need. You can go squeaking by in shoes several sizes too small, for more than one reason. What if you’re a size 14 or larger? What do you do then? Surely you can’t settle for shoes that the wrong size. You wouldn’t do it for a shirt – don’t do it for shoes.

Not that you needed a specific reason to buy shoes in the right size for you, but if you did, here are a couple. If you settle for a pair of shoes that’s a size or two too small for you, you’re putting yourself at risk for toe deformities and potential nerve damage. Plain and simple, wearing shoes that are not properly suited to you isn’t just annoying, it can cause injury. If you’ve found a great resource for finding the right size large men’s shoes, hold on to it – but add XL Feet to your list. Nowhere else are you going to get either the selection or the service you’ll get at XL Feet.

XL Feet isn’t just some specialty resource where you take what you get cause you’re a captive audience – far from it. XL Feet specializes in getting you the large men’s shoes you need for every practical use, and in the brands you’d be buying if you went to any old retailed to do so.

Do you need workboots? Don’t waste your time with a brand or a maker you’ve never heard of. Get the Avengers you’ve wanted with all the features you need to keep you comfortable at work. Want a pair of Avenger 7506 Wedge 6” Waterproof Carbon Nanofiber Toe Boots? Don’t get whatever you can find to fill the role – get them at XL Feet. Who cares if your shoe size is a men’s 17, you can find them right at XL Feet. They’re puncture resistant and the carbon nanofiber is one of the lightest and strongest composite toes available. Has it been mentioned that they’re waterproof? Don’t compromise. Or, if you like workboots from Belleville, Bogs, Carolina or Nautilus, find them at XL Feet too.

So you don’t need workboots? That’s fine too. You need dress shoes for work instead? Make no exceptions there either. Forget brands you’ve never heard of just to match your size. Get Florsheims or Dunhams, or even get Drew Shoes and reap the orthopedic benefits. Considering the fact that you’ll need to match your jacket or belt, get the shoes you want in the color you want too. You’ve probably made an exception for too long at this point anyway. It’s time for you to find the large men’s shoes you’ve needed all along. Get the brands everyone else is wearing in your size because it’s time for you to get the look and feel you’ve wanted.

You can pick up sandals or deck shoes or sneakers at XL Feet just the same. While you’re at it, get some socks that fit to go with them. Forget that ‘fits shoe size 6-12’ nonsense. Need size 15s? Size 17s? Get them at XL Feet. It’s time for you to stop looking in vain only to find shoe sizes that probably won’t work for you anyway. Check out or call them at (651)797-6000 today.

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