Get Your Fire Alarm Cables From EWCS Wire

Name something that’s critical to the construction of a building. You might have named things like walls and a roof, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But think about parts or components of a building that are critical to the security of a building. Perhaps locks on doors? Locks on windows? You still wouldn’t be wrong, but we’re looking at something even more fundamentally basic than that. How about fire alarm systems? Every building needs an effective and operational fire alarm system in order to meet codes and provide for the safety of the people that move through its spaces or live or work there. Fire alarm systems also are responsible for monitoring and relaying information, and none of that can be done without Fire Alarm Cables.

Not only does a fire alarm system need to be able to detect information about a fire that can be picked up from sensors monitoring smoke through smoke detectors and even heat, but it needs to communicate them seamlessly and quickly to other parts of the building. Sometimes this occurs over long distances or even between buildings. In that way, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a fire alarm system is only as dependable as its fire alarm cables.

Therefore, it becomes a matter of necessity to procure the highest quality fire alarm cables for your fire alarm system, and when you’re looking for the highest quality electrical wires and cables that money can buy, you’re in good hands with EWCS Wire. With EWCS Wire, you get some of the most reliable, highest quality cable on the market with the added assurances of working with uncontested subject matter experts in the field. As with all of their instrumentation cables and wires for fire alarms and security systems, all of the wire and cable that you can find at EWCS Wire is manufactured in America to the most exacting standards.

Alarm cables, especially those intended to be used in fire protection systems, are manufactured to a number of standards to ensure their practicality and serviceability in those scenarios. Typically, they are manufactured to withstand and remain reliable when exposed to higher levels of heat and jacketed with insulation that will produce a minimum of harmful smoke when overheated.

At EWCS Wire you can find power-limited fire alarm cables in riser rated and plenum rated configurations, both shielded and unshielded. Riser rated cables are intended to be used across floors or between floors for communicating information within a system. They also offer plenum rated cables that can be used in a plenum space within a building. They also offer their riser and plenum rated cables in shielded and nonshielded configurations. Shielded cables for fire alarm systems can eliminate electrical interference, which can be very helpful when there is a high volume of wire contained within a small confined space. It can also be useful over long distances where electrical interference can diminish the efficiency of communication through the lines. Additionally, all of their cables for fire alarm systems contain ripcords to facilitate the exposure of the wiring.

Whether you’re in need of cables for a fire alarm system, some other security system, for other instrumentation – or basically for any other need – EWCS Wire is here to help. If you have any questions you can chat with representatives right on their site at or you can give them a call at 800-262-1598 to learn more about their products and uses. Their goal is to provide premium electrical wire and cables for a wide variety of applications while offering an unmatchable degree of customer service – and they excel in both arenas.

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