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What is Car Services?

A vehicle service is a routine maintenance inspection that involves checking the fluid levels in your engine as well as the overall wear and tear on your car.

The most comprehensive services, which are frequently carried out by a mechanic, involve at least 50 system and component checks, adjustments, and part replacements.

Let’s take a look at some of the services that are offered at Car Servicing Reading.

Periodic Car Repair:

It is necessary since cars are used frequently and need to be properly maintained in order to last longer. The network specialises in automobile service for all well-known worldwide manufacturers. To mention a few, standard automobile service in Reading comprises replacing the engine oil, cleaning the air filter, doing a 90-point complete inspection, and topping off the coolant. All of these services are offered at incredibly low costs, which results in savings of about 30% when compared to going rates on the market.

Car Cleaning:

Service for car detailing and washing Everyone is drawn to the car’s gleaming body. Knowing this, we give every automobile the utmost care as we clean and detail it down to the last detail. Teflon coating, outside rubber polishing, and interior dry cleaning are the three cleaning methods that are most in demand.

Wheel And Rim Care Service:

Of all the body parts, wheels are used the most frequently. Car Easy servicing center in Reading  gives wheels additional attention since it recognises how important they are. To guarantee safe and secure trips, major services include testing for wheel alignment, camber and caster examination, wheel balancing, etc.

Denting And Painting:

Services for painting and denting Driving in congested areas frequently results in dents and scuffs. Using industry-standard paints, Car Easy offers colour matching that is almost flawless. The availability of knowledgeable workers and well organised workshops leads to a faultless restoration of the car’s colour.

What Makes Car Services Necessary?

Regular scheduled maintenance will make sure that your car is running as safely and efficiently as it can, and it can even end up saving you money in the long run.

Regular maintenance will certainly improve your car’s handling, fuel efficiency, and engine performance while also giving you peace of mind that your automobile is in excellent shape. It also makes it less likely that your car will break down at home or on the side of the road.

It may also assist you in avoiding having to pay high repair costs by identifying any issues early on before they get larger. If you decide to sell your car, having a thorough service history will help it sell for more money. Regular maintenance will almost certainly increase your car’s lifespan.

You can keep up with the maintenance of your car by obtaining a service plan that enables you to spread the cost out over two years. With ours, you may separate your service from your MOT to guarantee that certified individuals are often evaluating your car.

After getting your Car Services done you can also go for the MOT test. It will make sure that your Car is ready to hit the road.

What is MOT?

Your car must officially undergo a MOT test after it turns three years old to ensure that it is roadworthy. Which is crucial for safety. You can drive your automobile as long as it complies with the minimum criteria for safety and exhaust emissions.

The procedure will be carried out by a certified MOT tester, who will pay particular attention to important automotive parts including the brakes, lights and even the windscreen wipers. They will also do an emissions test to make sure the automobile conforms with the rules.

How Long Does The MOT Examination Last?

Although a MOT test typically takes 45 to 60 minutes, you could have to wait longer if your car needs more work. Normally we advise leaving your car outside all day in case it requires further maintenance at MOT Reading.

What if My Car Does Not Get Through?

After your car passes the test, the test facility will provide you a pass certificate and note the accomplishment in a national database. You will also receive a list of any minor or advisory issues that require future resolution. After that the car may be driven away.

Will I Still Be Allowed to Drive My Car if My MOT fails?

Normally, a garage won’t let you drive away if your car fails its MOT and its certificate is no longer valid. However if your vehicle’s certificate is still in effect (it has not yet reached the expiration date on your test certificate). You are permitted to drive it away as long as there are no dangerous problems.

You are not permitted to leave the testing facility if this is the case. If you are caught, you might receive a fine, three licence points and perhaps a driving ban.

The car has to be repaired before another test. After it clears, you’ll be allowed to move on in your car.

Is There Any Type of Car That is Exempt From The MOT Test?

Yes, a select number of automobiles are exempt from the MOT test.

  • The two-wheeled and three-wheeled
  • Vehicles with two-stroke engines
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Quadricycles
  • Vehicles that use hydrogen fuel cells
  • Electric vehicles


For the health of your Car and security of your life get your regular MOT and Car Servicing Reading done, to save the hassle you can also get both things done together.

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