Get Your AC Unit Through Summer with a Rheem 3 Ton AC Unit

Summer is around the corner, which has many first-time homeowners wondering how to get the most performance and lifespan out of their Rheem 3 Ton AC Unit or other air conditioning unit. Depending on how often the air conditioner is used, what conditions it is operating under, and the frequency of the maintenance schedule, the lifespan of the unit could be the average 10 to 15 years or 20 to 25 years. Preparing for the summer months ahead of time is one of the ways to get the most years out of each unit.

Preparing for Hot Months

If your system isn’t ready, the Rheem 3 ton AC unit you bought could last far less time than your budget allows. However, there are easy steps even the least experienced homeowner can take to get the most out of their investment.

● Change filters regularly. The easiest maintenance is often the most overlooked. Changing the filter on an AC unit once a month keeps units running smoothly for longer periods of time.

● Programmable thermostat. Adding a programmable thermostat can gain a lot in energy savings but doesn’t cost much to install. Further, by reducing the use of the air conditioner or electric heating, the units will last longer and save a ton of money in the long run.

● Remove debris. If you have an outside unit, it is constantly being exposed to the elements. Removing debris can significantly increase performance. During the warmer months, it is recommended that debris is removed at least once a month.

● Check for leaks. Specifically in the ductwork, leaks can cost homeowners a lot of money. It is estimated that ducts with leaks force the HVAC to work 50% harder.

● Concrete slab. For outdoor units, the concrete slab needs to be level or it will have to work harder to cool the home, similar to duct leaks. If the slab isn’t level, adding a board underneath with gravel below the board can be a cheap fix.

● Check the fins. The fins on the outside of the unit can be easily cleaned, but make sure to be gentle since the thin metal can bend. Using a soft brush or a cleaning brush for automobiles makes it less complicated to get the debris out. If the metal fins are damaged, there are inexpensive tools available to straighten them out rather than replacing the whole part.

● Clean coils. While unused, air conditioners begin to collect dust and grow mold. This is exasperated when a cover is not used. If your AC unit has been sluggish, be sure to check the coils. The build-up can clog the unit, leading to lower performance and a shortened lifespan.

Importance of Preventative Maintenance

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has estimated only 42% of central air systems have regular annual maintenance. For most homes, performing maintenance twice a year, once before summer and once before winter, is recommended for the best performance. The Rheem 3 ton ac unit can last years but only when the proper care is taken. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong with the unit, preventative maintenance for HVAC systems is relatively inexpensive when compared to replacing parts or full units.

Further, when you need the unit to work is the worst time for it to break down. Cold nights with a broken heat pump or sweltering days without an air conditioner can be preventable with the right annual routine for your home. Whether you have a 14 SEER or 17 SEER, your unit performs at its best with a regimen and standard care.

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