Get Your 50 Ft Drain Snake at Duracable

If your livelihood is tied to your ability to keep drains clear, don’t put anything before the importance of your equipment. The quality of the drain machines and drain snakes you use to keep your business operational should be the most important thing on your mind when you go to buy a 50 Ft Drain Snake. Speaking of which, if you need a 50 ft drain snake, you’ll need to figure out what characteristics you want it to offer so that it’s best suited to the types of blockages you’re most often up against. Here’s the easy part – if you need a 50 ft drain snake, you’ll find the products of the highest quality at Beyond that, you’ll need to make a few considerations.

If you’re looking for a 50 ft drain snake then you can go with one of Duracable’s hollow-core models in any diameter from ¼ to ¾ inches to handle any number of obstructions. If you’re dealing with a blockage that is going to require a little added rigidity, go with one of their inner core drain snakes for some extra strength to power through obstacles. Their nylon inner core models will add a little extra strength to your drain cables at no cost to their flexibility, making them just as able to navigate the reaches of drain lines and more able to power through any obstructions. Of course, if you need something other than a 50 ft drain snake, just contact their team at or call them at 800-247-4081 to order a drain snake in a custom size.

But what is it that makes Duracable drain snakes so superb? Well, it’s not one thing. It could be the fact that Duracable’s quality control stands head and shoulders above the competition. Their drain cables are manufactured in house to extremely rigid standards to meet an excellent degree of strength and flexibility. It could be the fact that Duracable’s drain snakes are shipped in a special container that not only minimizes the risk of damage to the cable during shipping but also makes it easy to load the cable onto your drain cleaning machine. To that end, it could be the fact that their drain cleaning snakes are compatible with many of the other drain cleaning machines in the industry like Ridgid, General, and Spartan. That’s quite a laundry list of reasoning detailing the excellence of the drain snakes at Duracable, but even so, they are so confident in the quality of their products and in your satisfaction that they guarantee their drain snakes for 30 days.

Beyond the inherent superiority of their drain snakes, you can get all of your other drain cleaning essentials like drain cleaner, drain machines and blades at Duracable as well. They offer an even more impressive guarantee on their drain machines than they offer on their snakes. They guarantee their drain cleaning machines for two years, which is a very generous guarantee on gear that’s going to work very hard day in and day out to keep drain lines clear. All of this adds up to make Duracable one of the most reliable providers in an industry where quality and reliability in the face of tough obstacles is a norm and a necessity. You might be looking for a 50 ft drain snake just because you need one at the moment, but take one look at the quality and depth of selection of the drain clearing products at Duracable and there will be no going back. Contact their team at the above number or head to today to see how they can outfit you with the toughest drain snakes and clearing equipment out there, bar none.

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