Get Your 100 Ft Drain Snake At Duracable

So you work in drain maintenance. You have a pretty good need for quality equipment that’s as tough as you are. That means drain snakes, augers, machines, and other drain care accessories that work hard and don’t quit when the pressure is on. Whether you’re looking for a 100 Ft Drain Snake or a custom size, or your needs lie with a new sled drain machine, there’s one clear option for where you should get your equipment. It all comes down to quality and reliability.

When you buy a 100 ft drain snake at Duracable, you’ll be investing in a piece of equipment that Duracable has taken years to perfect. Through their entire manufacturing process, until their products get to your door, Duracable has labored the entire way through to make sure that you get only the toughest drain snakes and drain equipment that money could possibly provide.

It all starts with their manufacturing. When Duracable sets out to create a batch of drain snakes, they start with high hardness, high tensile strength, highly flexible steel cable. Each batch of drain snakes is extensively tested during manufacturing to ensure strength, flexibility, and resilience. If at any point any of their cables fails a test, they throw out the whole lot. There’s no compromising on quality at Duracable. Rather than stick their name on a product that just doesn’t make their grade, they hold to an impressively lofty banner of quality control – and that’s only the beginning.

Most drain cables are rolled up, banded and shipped in a truck to a distribution facility or their final destination. Cheap and somewhat effective, the practice of banding drain snakes gets the job done – but it also subjects the cables to a high amount of stress before they even get to work. They also don’t protect the cables from any environmental obstacles. Duracable’s cables are shipped in a carefully designed carton that doesn’t just protect their drain snakes. They make it easy for you to unload the drain snake from its packaging onto the reel of a drain machine. Oh, and Duracable’s drain snakes are widely compatible with many of the popular brands in drain machines available on the market, such as General Wire and Ridgid. Call them at 800-247-4081 to see if their drain snakes are compatible with your equipment.

As if their stellar quality control and cross-compatibility weren’t enough, then there’s the fact that their drain cables come with a 30-day guarantee. Duracable guarantees their cables for 30 days and considering the rigors that a drain cable can tackle in a month, that’s a fairly magnanimous guarantee.

There’s also the fact that Duracable is a one-stop-shop. It’s not just excellent drain cables that you’ll find at Duracable. It is excellent drain cables, but if you need blades or camera inspection equipment or a new drain machine, you’ll find it all right there. Come to Duracable for the 100 ft drain snake, leave with all of the drain cleaning supplies you needed without making multiple trips or having to shop elsewhere.

Since you’re in drain clearing, the need for quality drain cables is kind of a rolling process, so take a look at today. While you’re there you can easily learn a little more about their product offerings and what makes their equipment so unique. You’ll also be able to pick up the fittings and cable ends that you need for your business. While you’re on their site, don’t hesitate to reach out to their team for help via the number listed above. Alternatively, you can email them at Take a look at their site and find the ultimate solution for your drain cleaning supplies today.

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