Get Use Out of Your Heat Pump All Year Long

You may see the term heat pump and think that now is not the time to focus on such a product. After all, spring is officially here and the warmer weather is coming. You should be able to enjoy the natural air temperature for a couple of months before the need for cooling sets in.

Just because the product is called a heat pump does not mean that it is only meant for the winter months to heat your home. This is an all-purpose and all season unit that can work for you all year.

Today, we will get you ready for the transition process, how you can turn your heat pump to cooling to still get the relief you need during the hot months and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

This time of year can be tricky when it comes to figuring out how to set your heating and cooling. There are days where the temperature reaches a warm enough temperature that you may need some relief and there can still be nights when the temperature dips to the cooler side and you may need to bring some heat into the room.

This is a good time to make the switch from heating to cooling because it is still during the offseason. There are a few steps you want to take before you have your 3 Ton Heat Pump transitioned to cool mode.

First, get the heat pump inspected. A heat pump inspection will test the connections, air flow, and make sure the system is running properly so it will last throughout the summer months without any problems.

Make sure you adjust your thermostat from heat to cool in order to reverse the heat pump cycle and keep the fan set to auto instead of on so it is not running all day and night. This will keep the cost of operating a heat pump all summer down.

A heat pump inspection may include having air filters checked and you should explore that option if it is available. Filters should be changed at least every three months and sometimes every month depending on the use of the system.

Finally, make sure the temperature is set properly. You are the judge of what is comfortable in your own home, especially for you and your family. Set the temperature to the highest possible temperature where you feel comfortable. Even going up one degree higher can save you money from usage, so consider that when setting a temperature.

Getting a 3 ton heat pump can work for you in all seasons. It’s not just a heat source, but it provides cooling relief similar to a traditional air conditioner, using the outside air and a refrigerant to absorb the heat and bring cool air into your home.

When you need to find a heat pump supplier, look no further than Budget Air Supply. With a selection from the top brands like Rheem and Goodman, you can find a reliable unit that ranges in size and capacity from 1.5 ton to 3 ton heat pumps and more.

Give yourself an effective method to heat and cool your home so you stay comfortable all year round without having to switch out bulky units. No more looking for relief in a pinch to get your home a little cooler in the summer.

Take the time this spring to prepare for when the temperatures heat up even more and get your heat pump now or get it inspected and start setting up for the cooling power that a heat pump has to offer. You are sure to keep your home at a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather is outside.

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