Get The Wholesale Vapor Products Your Store Needs

Vape trends are always changing and it’s important for your shop to stay on top of them. Keeping a vape shop stocked with all of the latest products is no small feat, and our team here at Kingdom Vapor is here to provide the Wholesale Vapor Products you need. Our goal is to help our customers find exactly the products they need and we firmly believe in only offering the highest quality vapor products for your shop.

A lot of wholesale vape suppliers are not willing to work with their customers. They require large order quantities. This kind of ordering process can easily leave small shops tied up with more inventory than they can sell. If you are making a purchase and you are not sure if the products will sell in your market, this can be a huge risk for your business.

That’s why, here at Kingdom Vapor, we do not require any minimum order quantities. When you are placing an order for wholesale vapor products, you can choose to buy one piece or 100, whatever your store needs. This makes it easy to test new products without the risk of being left with a box of products you cannot move. It also makes it easy to order specific items requested by your customers. That way you can always keep your customers happy and stay on top of the ever-changing trends in the world of vaping.

Recent events like the flavor pod ban have drastically changed the landscape of the vape scene. Juul pods had dominated as one of the most popular forms of vaping and they were wiped out almost overnight by the flavor pod ban. Now the only pods available are tobacco and menthol flavors, meaning more people are searching for convenient ways to enjoy their flavored vapor. This has led to a huge boom in disposable vape devices, and we have plenty of them in stock for your shop.

In addition to these new and popular products, we also carry all of the vape standbys. Traditional mod and atomizer vapes are still a popular option and we have all of the components your customers need to build their perfect rig. This includes a variety of atomizer options and all of the coil building parts and accessories your customers will need to perfect their setup. We also carry a huge variety of e-liquid options so you can always find the flavors your customers are looking for.

In addition to all of our wholesale vapor products, we are also happy to offer a variety of additional products for your shop. Our selection of smoke shop items and CBD products are both great ways for your store to expand your customer base. Many of your customers may already use these products and their presence will help attract new customers in need of smoking items or the hemp-based relief that CBD can offer.

So if you want to provide your customers with the best products possible, visit Kingdom Vapor for all of your wholesale vapor product needs. To ensure that you are only offering your customers quality products, a member of our team tests every item we receive before we add it to our store. If we would not use something ourselves, we don’t want to offer it to your customers. If you have any questions about the products in our inventory or our ordering process, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 1-824-297-8240 or

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