Get the Right Look with a Modern Linear Fireplace

The thought of a fireplace may take you back to that storybook setting where a traditional fireplace is burning wood and giving off the scent that fills the room. There is a light crackle from the flames as a family sits nearby relaxing, listening to music or telling stories. While this may be the typical image that comes to mind when you think of fireplaces, over time, fireplaces have evolved into a much more modern style.

Now, you find fireplaces of all styles and the modern designs allow for new ways to add a fireplace to your home. You no longer need to have a home with a chimney to get a fireplace. There are direct vent and ventless options that make it easier to bring a fireplace into any home. Gas and electric fireplaces make it very easy to have a fireplace installed and easily operate it. It has made linear fireplaces a popular choice in a lot of homes.

Chances are you have seen a linear fireplace and possibly not known that’s what it is. A linear fireplace can range in length from three feet to over 20 feet and give you all of the look and feel of a real fire while using gas or electric power. A Modern Linear Fireplace can help give you to perfect vibe in your home. Here are just a few benefits you get when you choose one of these fireplaces for your home.

Sleek Design – When you add a fireplace to your home, it instantly becomes the center of attention in the room. So the fireplace you choose has to fit with the rest of your home decor. A modern linear fireplace offers a sleek design that has a contemporary look while still honoring the traditional nature of a fireplace. With these fireplaces, there is no doubt it will become the first thing you see every time you enter the room.

Fit for Any Room – You may think about getting a fireplace and dismiss the idea because you don’t know where it will go. You want the fireplace to be a good fit for the room you choose. Commonly, a living room or den is the room of choice for a fireplace. But that’s the great thing about a modern linear fireplace. It can really be a fit in any room. You can add one to the kitchen, bedroom, there are even outdoor models that can finish off your patio. Many of these modern designs can also be mounted into the wall to help you save space while still having the fireplace you have always wanted in your home.

Easy Operation – The idea of a traditional fireplace may sound great, but the thought of how much work it can be to operate and maintain can turn people away. When you choose a linear fireplace that uses gas or electric power, you avoid a lot of the maintenance and steps to get the fire started. It takes just a push of a button to start the fire and turn it off. Linear fireplaces also require little maintenance, perfect if you just want to spend a few quick hours by the fire without having to deal with any setup or cleanup.

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