Get Rid of the Dilemma of What to Do and What Not to Do, When Buying Private Numbers

There are owners across the globe who intend to make their vehicles stand out in the crowd. And for a vehicle that is manufactured and sold in high numbers within and outside the country, how can someone make it unique? The easiest way to achieve this is by purchasing private registration plates for the vehicle. There are several examples of VIPs who have bought multiple cars and then assigned the same private license plate to them all, albeit not at the same time.

It reinforces them as a brand or as a VIP. Private plates are extremely effective at turning heads and receiving recognition. However, the cost for buying and owning an exclusive private number plate is quite high, and only increasing with time, but people are prepared to invest in the exclusiveness afforded to them by a private number plate. People who buy expensive luxury cars have that sense of urgency to make the car look even more exclusive on the road. An exclusive high value number plate provides them with that opportunity.

This article will help you to develop your knowledge of what you should do and not do when you are buying a private number plate.

The Do’s of Buying Private Registration Plates

Here are the things that you should do when you intend to buy private registration plates for your new luxury vehicle:

1. Set your Budget Beforehand

Private number plates can be expensive. They can demand a hefty investment! You do not want to invest your money blindly and you need to set a budget.

Although your expectations are set very high in recognition of the quality of your vehicle you must not exceed a preset budget otherwise you run the risk of paying over the odds for your private plate. There are plenty of examples of this at DVLA auctions where competing bidders have forced the price of private plates above a realistic level.

By using a private registration broker you can provide a budget to the broker and allow the broker to find you all suitable plates within your budget. Don’t allow yourself to be talked into increasing your budget and avoid auctions if you have the sort of personality that makes you ultra competitive with a must win attitude.

2. Flexibility to Accept All Available Options

You may have a specific combination in mind. The chances are that this combination won’t be available at the time you want it to be available. You will therefore always need to have a degree of flexibility in terms of the available combinations.

If you are spending large sums of money when buying private registration plates, then be prepared to make on-the-spot decisions as you may find there is competition for a plate just around the corner, and you may then lose the opportunity and regret it.

3. Understand All the Available Styles of License Plates

Different countries across the globe have different types and styles of license plates. Therefore, it becomes important for the individuals to get an idea of all the available styles of number plates, in the respective countries. It will help you to choose the right style for your new luxury vehicle in the country where you intend to use the vehicle.

The Don’ts of Buying Private Registration Plates

Here are the things that you should not do when buying private registration plates for your vehicle:

1. Don’t Ignore the Additional Charges

You may have to pay additional charges at the final checkout stage of your purchase. Keep in mind that the price displayed may not be the full price and you need to understand if VAT is applicable or if there are any regulatory costs associated with assignment of the registration to your vehicle. Ensure you are comparing like for like prices and that costs are fully explained and transparent.

2. Don’t Use the License Plate Until the Registration is Confirmed

People often buy the private number, buy the physical number plates before the assignment process has completed, and display the number on the vehicle before it has been assigned. This is a breach of the regulations and the vehicle insurance will be invalidated as a result. In the UK the legal point at which the new registration can be displayed on the vehicle is when the replacement V5C has been issued to the registered keeper.


These are the dos and don’ts to consider when buying a private registration plate for your new vehicle. You may have the money to buy any number you desire but you need to ensure you take these strategic measures into consideration to channel your approach and to make your experience rewarding. Money alone doesn’t matter but discipline within your investment approach makes all the difference in preserving your money into the future!

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