How to Get Fully Prepared for Amazon Interview

We are covering a major company here and that is Amazon, a brand whose net worth is more than $1.7 trillion. Amazon is the second-most valuable company in the U.S. and if you are looking to clear the amazon technical interview then you need to learn a lot. The job opportunities are plenty and thousands of people want to work here but the selection process isn’t that simple. This is the reason why for most of them this interview seems to be quite frustrating that they end up being rejected or just give up.

Since the interview is hard and many times people think they did well but they might have not. A quick reality check: you are applying for a job in the top guns of the world and unfortunately, performing below par score won’t get you through nine out of ten times.

Unmask the interview

First thing first, do no focus on the result of the interview, rather focus on your performance. Do not be over-confident as well, you just have to give your best and let the rest go with the flow.

When you look at any interview, the whole procedure is pretty much the same as dating. You have to do certain preparation, you go out to give your best and the stress is an obvious follow-up. This shows that you are ready to face the amazon technical interview questions but don’t worry if that won’t work out since there are plenty of fish in the sea. But if it all goes well, then that will be like a dream job landed for you. You have earned it well and feel proud of it. However, first thing first, it all comes down to your preparations.

Sharpen up your coding skills and get to know the basics

Let’s focus on a piece of general advice, no matter your company asks you with the technical basics such as the data stricture, algorithm, or complexity, remember that you need to know these topics. And if you are not aware of all these things, make sure you are not wasting time in knowing that. You can get the small part knowledge by reading some of the great books, make sure they are covering these details:

  • Programming elements book that covers all the required resources for the algorithmic, design, and more such technical aspects to tackle all the amazon interview questions.
  • Code interview tactics and skills that will cover the basics of what you can expect and how to deal with it
  • Focus on the leadership principles

Technical skills that comprise coding or system designs are based on a 100% hiring decision. The other thing that matters the most in any interview is the leadership principles. Our guess ratio might not show the real picture but we are not looking for accuracy here. Our focus is rather set on the tricks and pieces of advice that do not let you dwindle through the path of the topic we want you to focus on and pay the importance. By being aware of all those leadership principles you show the flexibility you have in your culture. This won’t only give a clear understanding regarding you but will also help you with your amazon coding interview questions. Remember: learn it, practice it, and implement it.

This is a very important part of the interview and since you are practicing these principles, they would drive your company from your actions every day. Showing the company that you understand and follow these principles is very important.

One thing that you need to focus on is to avoid any made-up stories and be real with your approach. If during the interview, you are unaware of any topic or question then it is better to say it clearly and for clarifications instead of confusing them with an indirect or wrong answer. The chances are that interviewer might not like this approach or he is smart enough to catch up with such stories.

Practice occasionally for the interview

Interview skills are the same as muscle building, the more you practice it the more your ability will sharpen up over time. Even if you are doing a dream job of yours, you have to ensure that your practice is regular to keep the skills polished and strong. There are various ways you can do that, by sitting in front of a mirror, practice with a friend, or answering yourself as per the different situations.

Do not get dejected

With the amazon software engineer interview you might have prepared your best but still won’t be selected. The reasons could be many and you don’t have to feel dejected if you didn’t get the offer. Your goal should be to stay prepared and updated as per the ongoing trends and the process will soon take you to the place you are looking for. Do not rely on the false positive, and make sure you hit back hard in the coming months with a re-apply. Visit Dayone Careers to learn more.

Good luck!