Get More for Independent Contractor Insurance Cost

As an independent contractor, you never know where your next job will come from. You need to constantly be at the ready to take on new jobs for new clients and businesses at a moment’s notice. This means you should always be ready with your own insurance policy so you are covered for many different things.

So if you need insurance, you want to find an Independent Contractor Insurance Cost that works for you while still covering all of your needs. That will all depend on the type of work you do, so it is important to get to know the different types of insurance available to you and how you can protect yourself and your business so that people can feel confident in hiring you for the various services you can complete.

Here are just a few of the types of insurance you should explore when considering independent contractor insurance costs.

General Liability Insurance – In short, a general liability policy is coverage for legal expenses should you be sued by someone outside of your company who is not an employee. This can be needed if some of the following incidents happen to someone who does not work for you. If someone who does not work for you suffers bodily injury or has a slip and fall accident, you could be liable. This also covers you from lawsuits for copyright infringement, product liability, slander, libel, and property damage.

Errors and Omissions Insurance – If you work in a business where you provide advice like an accountant or financial planner or even interior design, you can be held liable if something goes wrong as a result of your advice. Errors and omissions coverage helps protect against lawsuits where the client has experienced a loss or damage as the result of your advice and sues and will help cover damages and legal expenses that result.

Business Owners Policy – A Business Owners policy is necessary if you not only operate your own business but have a physical location or rent a property for storage. A Business Owners Policy offers liability coverage for customer bodily injury or property damage. This will help cover you against these potential risks. Many policies have exclusions and gaps including rental facilities such as storage or warehouses.

Workers’ Compensation – As an independent contractor, you may wonder if you even need workers’ compensation coverage. This question can be easily answered. Do you employ any other people as part of your business? If you do, you want to have this coverage. Workers’ comp becomes important for your employees. If helps to protect them if they are injured during one of your jobs and unable to return to work. This coverage allows you to reimburse them for time missed due to injury instead of having to pay heavy fines or suffer a lawsuit. Please note XINSURANCE does not offer workers compensation insurance.

As an independent contractor, every job is important to you. You don’t want to get caught up in legal battles and spend lots of money on lawsuits. Having the right insurance coverage becomes a necessity to avoid this. To get this kind of coverage, you want to find an independent contractor insurance cost that actually works for you so you can remain focused on your work and know you are protected.

It’s why you want to choose XINSURANCE, an insurance partner that can take care of your needs. For general contractors, XINSURANCE is able to offer the best coverage so you don’t have to worry about the risks that come with every job. Contact XINSURANCE today by calling 877-585-2853 or sending an email to to learn more about how they can help you and how you can get a quote easily for the best insurance coverage.

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