Get a Grilled Fish Rub for Better Taste

When it comes to barbecue, sometimes you want something different, a different flavor or taste. You can get very used to the same food all the time, the traditional burgers and hot dogs on the grill or steaks or the same choices in the smoker like beef brisket or pulled pork.

If you want to change things up, go with fish at your next meal and use the best Grilled Fish Rub to get even better flavor than ever before. Fish is definitely more delicate than the meats you are used to grilling or smoking, but it can be very flavorful and be a healthier option for you.

You can choose from many different types of fish or seafood and prepare it in many different ways, but you can achieve the same flavor when you choose a fish spice blend that brings out the natural flavors of the fish and seals it in.

Fish is certainly a meal you want to try to eat more of throughout the year. Fish fillets are especially great because they can be a quick solution to adding more fish to your diet. Fillets cook quickly and are perfect for grilled fish rub. It can be applied easily and help add flavor that enhances your meal.

The fish spice rub from Casa M Spice CoⓇ contains a variety of ingredients that blend together many different flavors. The fish rub called HookedⓇ includes dill weed, black pepper, shallots and other spices mixed with the original Chain ReactionⓇ formula that goes perfectly with any seafood dish. This includes crab, lobster, scallops and even other foods that go beyond seafood.

A great fish rub works with many different kinds of fish, and Casa M Spice CoⓇ delivers. You can use tilapia, cod, trout, salmon and many other types of fish based on your own preferences. The spice blend brings together Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern influence for an original flavor profile that adds some sweetness and plenty of spice to your meals. When you choose Casa M Spice CoⓇ, you can also get the Uncontrolled variety if you like to live on the wild side and have some added heat in your meals or Controlled which is a milder taste.

When you grill your fish, you want to monitor it closely so it cooks properly and does not stick to the grill grates. You may need to clean the grates and add oil to the grill until the grates look glossy before you can actually place the fish fillets on the grill. Before you start grilling, season to taste with a grilled fish rub on both sides of the fish. Once you place the fish on the grill, turn the heat down to medium, cover the grill and let the fish cook. The more you cook fish, the more you will be able to get the timing down, but you want to let the skin side have a nice sear and crispy texture before you go to move the fish and flip it. If the fish does not easily remove from the grill, then leave it in place and continue to check it every few seconds.

With the help of Casa M Spice CoⓇ, you can have delicious fish fillets at any time no matter how you like to prepare fish. In addition to helping to create memories around the dinner table, Casa M Spice CoⓇ wants to help you find new meals that will become a regular part of your life. Here’s to finding a new meal to enjoy when you use a great fish rub that completely changes the way your fish tastes.

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