How to be Ahead with Your Gastroenterology Billing

For any procedures and testing, both Medicare as well as commercial payers have LCD’s or local coverage determinations. There are a lot of indications as well as restrictions with the approved diagnosis codes. Demonstrating the necessity of medical intervention is a huge area of introspection in gastroenterology billing.

Payers can recoup your claims where they have made payments, deny the claims, and the authorization for the lab tests with a lack of documents. It delays your patient receiving the treatment and you becoming a resourceful GI provider!

Experience is a huge area of investment in Gastroenterology billing. Your team must have the knowledge of how to well document everything right from declaring the necessity medically as well as the indication of the testing.

Also, basic demographic details entry like the patient history, the examination performed are critical for submitting the charges correctly. It all becomes critical for you as a provider to find a vendor who knows how to work in accordance with the Gastroenterology billing guidelines.

Sunknowledge delivers the perfect support

Delivering trust and credibility to leading Gastroenterology providers, Sunknowledge knows how to quicken your flow of cash. Our niche presence, ability to deliver both front and back end support makes us a reliable operational extension.

Also, we have been setting benchmarks, offering state of the art support by doing it all with a collection of documents, securing the prior authorization, initiating it, and updating the outcome. Also, we are equally competent in offering all needed support in claims submission, denial management, and accounts receivable collections.

Looking to know more about how we serve you the ultimate support. Our team has the perfect plan for you as we are aware of the Gastroenterology billing guidelines better than any other healthcare revenue cycle management company.

Get to know what makes us a competent vendor to offer complete billing support to the best in the business. We have unmatched proficiency and expertise to drive your ROI at 1.99% or $7 per hour. Our team will be happy to share our best practices with you over a “no commitment call”.

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