G4G Guns has Maglula for Sale and More

Nothing beats a range day, especially with a clear blue sky, sun overhead, and not so much as a whisper of wind. It’s even better when you have the range to yourself, or mostly so. In many instances, however, several minutes of loading magazines with narrow or tiny brass results in a sheer 7 seconds (or less) of enjoyment, followed by an aggravating follow up of cumbersome reloading of magazines. Even worse is if you prepare five or ten magazines beforehand, empty them all in 20 seconds or so, and then need to spend the next 20 solid minutes reloading them before the fun begins again.

This can become a thing of the past, thanks to the folks at Maglula, who have utterly perfected equipment for loading loose cartridges into magazines with a minimum of annoyance, in some instances with one sweep of the hand. The products are varied, capable of handling multiple different styles of magazine and a host of cartridges, and when you’re looking for Maglula For Sale, what you find won’t disappoint.

One of the most popular cartridges for which AR rifle platforms are chambered is the 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington, and as a result, you will find a plethora of tools from Maglula equipped to handle these cartridges. One of the most basic options they have for loading is the LU10B which is a loader and unloader for AR-15 and M-16 rifles in .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO. Compatible with multiple magazines such as H&K, Orlite, and Thermold, it loads or unloads up to 100 rounds with easy, minimizing strain on fingers and thumbs, as well as wear to feed lips. Lightweight, rock solid polymer, reliable in all weather, and easy to use, this tool is a range vital, especially when you do a lot of shooting, whether for fun or competition.

Even more impressive is the Maglula BL71B AR-15/M4 Range Benchloader, which loads up to 30 rounds with a single motion. This nearly eliminates stress on hands and fingers as well as fatigue. It also extends magazine life by nearly eliminating wear on fragile components of the magazine. This benchloader effectively eliminates the wasted range time of loading or unloading mags, especially higher capacity mags, which can be time-consuming and plain annoying to unload or load. Sure, we’ve all spent some time stripping unfired cartridges out of AR mags using the rim of another brass, but after a while that gets old. No longer must we suffer such fate with Maglula’s loaders.

As if it weren’t difficult enough handling .223 cartridges for hours at a time. Anyone who has ever done a fair volume of .22 shooting (which is every shooter, ever) can tell you that it’s mind-numbingly aggravating handling .22 cartridges and trying to force them into magazines. Not just those tiny ten rounder magazines, either. Thirty or 45 round mags become quite irritating to load, and in the cold, forget it. Handling .22 cartridges with cold hands is like trying to perform surgery wearing 14 pairs of heavy gloves.

The good news? Maglula has created multiple solutions for loading .22s into mags, regardless of the configuration of the magazine. So when you’re looking for Maglula for sale, look no further than G4G Guns. No nonsense, fairly priced, and with everything a shooter or outdoorsman could need, G4G guns is the last outfitter you’ll need. When you’re tired of loading cartridges one by one into your mags, which will likely be soon, head to G4GGuns.com to browse their firearm options.

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